Monday, May 21, 2012

We're Good!

All is well!!!  Seriously, how inconsiderate of me.  I am so lucky that I have people who care and who want to kick my butt for not posting an update of my recovery.  Well, let the inconsiderateness continue.  I am far too tired to blog big, but know this.  My boobs look a world better, can you say cleavage?, I'm off the insane percocet and valium cocktail- wowza, my lipo bruises are huge and black but don't hurt much, and I'm down to just one sneaky cat nap a day while my kids watch PBS, drink chocolate milk and eat buttered popcorn on the couch.  

I see my new plastic surgeon for my second post surgery check up tomorrow (Tuesday) and it will just be Jenny-Jane and me at this appointment.  I'm really hoping I'm not scarring the kid for life here.  

I do have funny stories of what I remember, which is not much.  Could there have been some Jagermeister in that IV drip?  With my super wacky yet fabulous new doc, I would not be surprised.

Ok, I do promise more details, but please know that our family has been very well cared for and well fed.  THANK YOU to everyone who once again got us through another chapter in this wild adventure.   

with love,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twas The Night Before...

It's the night before my re-reconstruction surgery and I'm pounding water like crazy before my midnight cut off.  Nick and I need to be at Scottsdale Healthcare North Hospital by 7am and surgery is at 8:45am. I am surprising NOT freaking out at all, yet.  It may happen tomorrow morning, but we'll see.  I always hate having my IV started, so that will cause a little anxiety in pre-op.  I'm looking forward to having the "Scottsdale" hospital experience compared to the St. Joe's central Phoenix experience which I've endured for both my kids C-sections and all this cancer crap.  I will miss buying tamales in the hallway while being wheeled into surgery.  Yes, that's a joke, but not far off.

I'm not sure yet if I will be spending the night at the hospital, so text Nick if you want to communicate with us.  He'll be all stressed out, far more than me, so distractions will be good for him.  We will post a blog update too, so stay tuned.  

Finally, a HUGE thanks to everyone who is on board to help with meals (tonight was amazing Monica!) and childcare (Diane is tucked safely into our guestroom).  The love and support keeps flowing our direction and we are eternally grateful.

Let's get it right this time fellas!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Boob Fairy

Today was my second meeting with my new plastic surgeon, it was actually my pre-op meeting.  What's that you say?  Why is there a new plastic surgeon in the picture and does pre-op mean that there is another operation in my future?  Oh, my, I have so much to tell.

I think this memorable quote may offer a few answers to those questions.  Me: "So Doc, my husband is more than a little apprehensive about another surgery..." Opening my gown, Doc says "Ohhhh yeah, you're all F'd (insert real word) up.  We gotta fix that." And that's what I'm gonna do, next Friday morning, May 11th.  Yay. Big Yay.

So here's the poop.  The reason for this second reconstruction surgery is to correct and adjust the results from my first recon surgery in September 2011.  It is very apparent that things are off kilter.  To be specific, one new breast is significantly lower and wider than the other, and the shape of both are super weird.  Like alien weird.  And the crazy thing is, I actually thought for a while that this is what reconstruction had to look like.  I'm glad to know now that things can be better, much better.

So I have called upon the self proclaimed Boob Fairy of Scottsdale to sprinkle his magic dust upon me.  And those are his words.  Yes, he is a bit of a nut, but that's actually a plus in my book.  I've done my research, and he's the best of the best.  Highly experienced and highly entertaining.  I like that.

And after today's appointment, Nick has total confidence in him too. Nick and BF (Boob Fairy) actually worked together years ago animating a highly publicized burned police officer tragedy, Officer Jason Schecterle.  BF was the reconstruction expert who performed miracles never imagined to save the Officer's life.  He's bitchin.  I've learned that he's become the "clean-up guy" for many of the other plastic surgeons in town.  Sign me up.

So with this next surgery I'll be in the hospital for 24 hours (I hope, I do love an overnight stay) and then limited on my lifting for two weeks.  My sister Diane will spend the weekend with us, and then Nick's sister Wendy is coming back from North Carolina for the Sunday-Thursday shift.  Damn I love those girls.  And my mommy brigade has the meal calendar already filled to keep us all fat and happy.  Thank you, every one of you.

Oh, how could I forget?! Here's the added bonus to this new surgery. I get a little sneaky liposuction to fill in the areas around my new implants.  This new doc is a genius.  That's right, adios belly and muffin top!  Bring on bikini season!

I have a few other quick things to mention since I've been such a blog slacker:
1.  Last Friday was my Mom's 80th birthday and she celebrated with us here in Phoenix.  My sister Claudia was here from Portland and it was a perfect birthday week.  I love you Mom and pray I look as beautiful as you at 80.
2.  Two weekends ago I spend an unforgettable weekend on Coronado Island in the company of four grade school girlfriends from St. Eugene's in Fox Point, Wisconsin.  We reconnected on Facebook and will never drift apart again.  Beth, Molly, Molly and Julie, I adore you.
3.  April 20th was my two year survival anniversary.  There is NO WAY we could be holding up as well as we are if we didn't have the love and support from our huge family- friends and kin.  Thank you beyond expression.  We are so very lucky to know each and every one of you.  We are blessed.

It's my goal to post again before my surgery and then of course you can look forward to my drug induced late night rants as I recover. I've already filled my prescriptions for valium (my personal favorite) and vicodin in anticipation!  

Until next week,
with love,