Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blondes Have More Fun

Yeah, I'm still here.  It's been two months you say?  Oh yes, I'm quite aware.  Can we just get past that little blip on the calendar and move on?  Thank you. 

So, when we last spoke (two freaking months ago!), it was before Christmas and I was just about to embark on the last phase of my reconstruction.  Tattoos.  And yes, I am happy to say that I officially have my tats and my tits, or is that tits and tats.  Either way, I've got them.

Surprisingly, it didn't hurt.  I think mainly because I have absolutely no feeling in that area, and the tattoo/cosmetologist gal Michelle, used some sort of super numbing cream.  The best part of the whole experience was when Michelle pulled out some stencil ruler template of sorts that had all these different sized circles on it.  She asked, "so how large would you like your areola?"  I had no idea I'd get a choice!  How fun!  Now let me tell you that the circle sizes ranged from smallish normal sized circles to huge baloney sized circles!  I was like, "ummm... does anybody really choose the extra large ones?"  She said that about ten years ago, yes, big ones were all the rage.  Gag!  Anyhoo, I chose a reasonable size and she drew on my chest with a sharpie using that stencil and then tattoo'd away.  Oh, and I got to choose the color too.  Of course I chose hot pink, naturally.  Please know I'm kidding.

I will be going back to the plastic surgeon this Thursday for a little "touch up" on the tattoos to replace some color that sloughed off, but all in all, they look very natural.  I wish I had the huevos to publish a photo, but I don't.  Just believe me, all is good in the hood.

On another appearance note, I must mention that I am now a blonde again!  My dear friend and hairdresser of 17+ years spent four hours with me last Thursday in an effort to transform my very dark brown hair into very light highlighted tresses.  Since I was a highlighted blonde before the proverbial shit storm struck, I just wanted to go back from whence I came.  When we finally removed the 110 foils from my hair, she and I both cried.  It was like a homecoming.  I'm back!  These photos are NOT good, and as you can see, I took them myself, but at least they give you and idea of what I looked like before and after.


While I know this new blonde color is a work in progress, and it really does not look at all natural, I still feel better, more like me.

On a general health front, I want everyone to know that I'm truly doing amazing.  I feel great and have no physical indications that there are any problems anywhere in my body.  I see my oncologist for my regular 3-month check up on Friday and expect a completely clean bill of health.  

Before I close, I have a quick funny story about Fisher.  So last week he learned to ride a two-wheeler and has become obsessed with riding.  It's new, it's really fun and I can't blame him.  But get this, on Monday, I get three calls from the school nurse.  Fisher was complaining of a litany of ailments.  Of course I knew he was attempting to somehow, anyhow, get home to ride his bike.  The nurse says, "you'd better come and talk to him and see what the real deal is".  So I arrive at his sweet Catholic school and the nurse parades him into the front office wearing an eye patch!  Yes, a big white pirate of a bandage over his eye! This kid's got gumption.  He then explains how his eye would definitely feel much better if he could just go home and rest, and then (wait for it...) ride his bike.  As you might imagine, he returned to class, and I left the school giggling.  Tee hee, that kid is the greatest.

That's it for now.  More to come, but not too much more.  It's time to start winding down this Kiki adventure.  But not yet.  I'm still having fun.

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