Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Wonderful Things

Trick or Treat!

A strangely cute combination

Maddie, Connor, Debbie join came all the way from Wisconsin for this!?
You thought I was kidding when I said monster truck?

Where on God's green Earth has the last week gone?  Seriously, it's been a non-stop, fun filled adventure.  First, let's address the photos.  Halloween was a blast. Yes, that is Jenny-Jane as the cutest Strawberry Shortcake central Phoenix has ever seen.  That hot pink wig was fantastic, and the strawberry purse? Too much. I think it was the extra freckles we added to her little cheeks that really sealed the deal. Fisher was an authentic "army man" which required three trips to the army surplus store on the way west side of town.  Who knew they had genuine fatigues for kids?  And that "shooter" is as obnoxious as it looks.  He loved it.  

The "Ostrich Fishin" photo is such a crack up.  Our visit with my friend Jenny's kids and sister Debbie culminated on Sunday with an hour long drive down the I-10 towards Tucson to the Ostrich (and deer, goat, donkey and lorikeet) Ranch, where we endured a dusty yet informative desert romp aboard the Picacho Peak Monster Truck.  Our driver mentioned that they had not gotten rain at the ranch in two years!  I believe it.

Aside from successfully ticking off all the Arizona tourist highlights on my agenda for this visiting crew, we also managed to spend a great deal of time just hanging out in the hot tub.  I have a feeling these special Wisconsin kids had a great mini-vacation and took home plenty off-the-wall stories from their fall break adventures with "Aunt Kritter and Uncle Nick" in Phoenix.  

I have to admit, that in my own mind, there was an unspoken reality that haunted me during their stay.  Here they were, two kids who lost their mom when they were just five and nine years old.  Could this be my kids someday?  I'm painfully aware that my disease is life threatening and that my family could face the same situation.  That's the heavy stuff.  It's always there, always lurking.  It's that radio on in the background that I can't turn off.  Sigh.  It's really hard.

So I try to fill my days with the wonderful things.  Strawberry Shortcakes, monster truck rides and orange and black striped Tammie Coe birthday cakes (thanks Nick!).  Strangely, living with a constant reminder of your mortality can be a blessing.  It's life in technicolor that my friend Krista told me about.  Too bad it often takes something as scary as cancer to for us to see it.

with a extra special hug to Maddie, Connor and Debbie back in Wisconsin,

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  1. Virginia ( Nick's Mom)November 3, 2011 at 6:50 AM

    Wonderful pix! You look fabulous... So proud of how you are living life in technicolor. Courage and faith. Made me tear up :-) XO