Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Nipple Fairy

I know better than to start writing a blog post at 10pm.  So I'm going to give you the brief skinny on what's going on around here so that I can get to bed at a decent hour and still have time to allow a dozen of my smarty-pants friends to kick my butt on Words with Friends (it's on-line Scrabble, silly).  

Tomorrow night (Thursday) I have yet another speaking engagement where I get to perform the "keynote speech".  Yikes, that always sounds so intimidating.  This time it's for the annual Midwestern University Alumni Leadership dinner here in Phoenix.  I'll be addressing doctors, physician assistants, pharmacists and other various healthcare professionals.  I have been asked to tell my story and provide my opinions of how I was cared for by the diverse medical community that I interacted with throughout my treatments. They really want to hear the good, bad and ugly of my experiences. What a good opportunity for me to tell my flashing story again!  Oh, it never seems to get old.  

Nick will be joining me again for support, sweet guy.  It's being held at Coup de Tartes, a fantastic restaurant in central Phoenix, so if nothing else, we'll get a great meal out of it.  I've been practicing my speech and I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it.  This time I'll be speaking for about twenty minutes and have a question and answer session after.  Wish me luck!

Then on Monday, I am scheduled for my nipple reconstruction!  Oh yeah, it's that time already.  I think I'll save the details of this procedure for a post on Sunday night. I've gotten many funny reactions from friends who know I'll be going in for this minor surgery.  For example, my postal carrier Sonny was wondering if I'll be having a nipple transplant, um... no.  No cadaver nipples for me. And my Kappa sorority girlfriend Jen asked if I'll be putting a pretty bra under my pillow for the nipple fairy.  Hmmm, I like the sound of that one.  

I promise to fill you in before I go under the knife Monday afternoon. Recovery is going to be easy this time.  It better be, I'm jumping on a plane next Thursday to visit my Mom and see her new home, yippee!!  Thank you sister Claudia for this amazing birthday gift.

Nighty night!

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