Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your Man Reminder

My Boy Reminder
Fisher from the back seat of the car Saturday night on the way out to family dinner:  "Mom, did you know that whenever you see someone you know, you say 'Look at my boobs!'  Don't you know, those are your private parts!?"

Well, looks like he's paying a little more attention than I originally thought.  That's a good reminder for me to try to be a little more stealth in the future, but please, still feel free to look at them.

My Man Reminder
Now this is something to write home about!  A dear friend of our family and former employee of Nick at Kitchen Sink Studios, Marc Cattapan, created a truly fantastic and potentially life-saving app for your iPhone or iPad.  The app is called Your Man Reminder and it's a tool to remind women to perform their monthly self breast exams, brilliant!  And get this, you get to choose the studly man who pops up every month to do the reminding.  Not a bad deal!  If only he could come over and perform that exam for you.. now that would be an app!!

And something very special is printed in the Credits section of this app.  It says "This app was developed by Marc Cattapan and is dedicated to his friend Kristin Hower, who writes the blog Kick it Kiki." I tear up every time I see it.  Thank you sweet Marc, I am truly honored.

Please download it and pass it along to your friends, it's free, click here for Your Man Reminder on your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. I downloaded it and got my man reminder already. It was a sweet surprise. I checked...just for fun! Haha