Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh This Bandage is Tight!

Sorry to leave you hanging after Monday's surgery! In a nutshell, it went as well as expected and I was able to get those 650cc implants of my dreams. My doc was right, the operation took a little more than an hour and I was home around noon. I'd love to say I was on the treadmill this afternoon but recovery is proving to be less pleasant than advertised.

Here's my list of complaints, in no particular order. The bandage. Holy crap is it tight. It goes over my right shoulder like a sassy top and squeezes my chest to kingdom come. I'm having a hard time sitting or laying down because it's cutting into my ribs making breathing a tad challenging. Then there is the right shoulder blade pain. Did they have me laying weird during surgery? Is it an after effect of the anesthesia? I don't know, but it kept me up all last night. The fever. It's not too bad, still under a hundred, but it's making me chilly, achy and super cranky. The creaking. I have no idea what it is, but my left implant is making loud creaking noises when I move. That can't be normal. The helplessness. Once again I am forbidden from opening the refrigerator, emptying the dishwasher or any general household task. Feeling sick and useless=depressed in my book.

So the good news. Doctor told my family that during surgery he sat me up right after placing the implants to see his handiwork and the OR staff burst into applause (or something like that). Tomorrow morning I am allowed to remove the boa constrictor of a bandage, check out my new girlie figure and take a shower. Not sure which I'm most excited about.

I've got Wendy by my side until Saturday and I don't know how we'd be getting along without her. Thank you to Dylan, Emma and Troy for loaning us your superwoman once again. Jenny-Jane and Fisher are handling it all quite well and Nick is content as long as I take my meds on schedule.

I'm a tad drugged so I hope this post is coherent. I'll write again soon with a report on the big reveal tomorrow morning. Wish me a better night's sleep and positive vibes for a great new figure!

With love


  1. I just struggeled through my 5th Chemo fog to get in here and read your post! What a champ! I am still in a haze but SO HAPPY that today you got to see your new figure. Remember, you don't have to to do it all now (that's what everyone is saying to me) and Naps are Good, espically when they double as snuggle time! -Alisa; 5 month survivor

  2. Hi Kristin just said more prayers for you and your whole family! You are going to finish this last phase with flying colors! Just think how wonderful it will feel down the road to have all this behind you:)...no more drugs...sending you healing vibes and "soft" tender hugs, God Bless, Deborah McLean