Monday, September 26, 2011

The Flasher

Nurse Wendy kept us afloat over surgery week

Happy 3rd Birthday Jenny-Jane

That's a donut in her her hand and another on her pie!
Naturally the whipped cream fight ensued

Diane's Barbie masterpiece
Were you expecting a big frontal photo of my new boobs?  Well, I did consider it, seriously.  But let's wait until the swelling goes down a bit before I start in with the Internet porn.  Playboy Magazine will just have to wait a couple more months.

In the meantime, I'll update on the unveiling, nurse Wendy's visit, and Jenny-Jane's wild birthday weekend.  First up, the unveiling Wednesday was a bit of a let down.  Had my doctor given me any clue what to expect, I think I wouldn't have freaked out so badly.  As you can imagine, after three days in an unimaginably tight bandage, they were really, really squished. I was expecting something significantly more perky.  I kept saying "I waited 18 months and endured those horrible expanders for this??"  Lots of tears, lots of stomping around. So Thursday I decide to take matters into my own hands and I paid an unscheduled visit to my doctor.  Of course he was not there, but I demanded that the office staff call him and tell him that I was NOT HAPPY.  I then, in a move that surprised even me, lifted up my shirt in the lobby and made the front desk gal, the office manager and the doc's assistant stare at my newly operated chest.  "You tell him that this is what I'm dealing with!"  Not a proud moment.  I can't believe I flashed the plastic surgeon's staff.  I later learned that I was the first in the practice history.  Can I blame the percocets?  

In subsequent phone calls with the doc's assistant, who assures me that my results are actually very good, I have been heartily reminded that reconstruction is not augmentation.  Playboy will not want me. Things will look really good under clothes, but naked?  Not all that natural looking.  Remember, I still don't have nipples, they were removed in the first surgery and will be recreated in three months. My left is bigger than my right because of the radiation on my right. And I need to give the implants and my skin a good 2-3 months before any true judgements can be made.  Sigh.  I see the doc for real tomorrow morning for my first post surgery appointment.  I've got lots of questions in need of answers.  I guess that means I have to face the office staff tomorrow too, ugh.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Nick's sister Wendy who left her oh-so-busy family and career in North Carolina to be with us for my surgery week.  Once again, she kept us afloat during this storm.  Not only does she cook, clean and love our children like her own, she is a true friend to both Nick and me.  As Nick's only sibling, they are incredibly close and share a great sense of humor and lots of silly memories.  As a sister-in-law who really should take her brother's side in most matters (but most often sides with me), she has become one of my closest confidantes and beloved friends.  She sips grapefruit cocktails with Nick and makes him laugh when all he wants to do is cry, and indulges my silliest desires with TrueBlood vampires and chocolate brown pedicures.  Dear Wendy, thank you for selflessly putting our burden on your shoulders.  We are forever indebted to you.

Last but not least, let's quickly review the Jenny-Jane birthday extravaganza, now with photos!  Nick snidely noted that I was giving her three birthday cakes this year.  I pointed out that one was a pie, so actually, no, only two cakes.  I previously mentioned the purple Rapunzel cake at preschool which was a tremendous hit.  Next came the chocolate pudding pie dessert on her actually birthday, which she adorned with white powdered sugar donuts, of course.  Finally, the piece de resistance, a truly glorious Barbie cake (seen above) created by my personal cookie and cake artist sister, Diane.  I've never seen anything like it, it was crazy gorgeous!  Six layers of pink strawberry deliciousness under that skirt.  Please call me if you need cookies or a cake for any event, I'll hook you up!

That's all my news for now.  I'm off the pain killers, but back on Xanex for now.  The pain is lessening every day, but I'm still really pooped.  I'll let you know what the doc says tomorrow.  I still have not ruled out showing off my new figure, maybe with clothes on for the time being.  I'll have Nick take a photo and post it soon. 

Thank you to everyone for the calls, flowers, cards, meals and love. Every little bit is appreciated more than you know.

with love and gratitude,


  1. I. Need. That. Cake. Ok, now back to you!! You have a wonderful way of making the dreadful seem wonderful with your fantastic sense of humor. So awesome you voiced your displeasure to the staff with a flash. I mean a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do for herself! Happy to hear you are on the mend and sending you continual prayers and good thoughts for perfect hooters in the near future! xoxo

  2. We think of you guys often and I always try to keep up with how you are doing, just wanted to let you know we love you and your family and your blogs make me cry every time, mostly tears of happiness that you are doing so well after all this. You are an amazing mom and person. We send you all our love! Happy birthday to your beautiful baby girl. xoxxo - Chad and Tanith