Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fisher's First Day

All smiles on the first day of Kindergarten

Hand in hand, I'm a proud Mama
No first day jitters here
Mrs. Martin leads the way to class
Ok, I know this post has nothing to do with my cancer or recovery, but I just had to share Fisher's first day of Kindergarten photos.  

Our big 5-year old donned his new St. Francis Xavier uniform, new shark backpack, new black Nikes and joined his kindergarten class for the first day of school this past week.  

We could not be prouder of him.  He's taken to the new 6:15am wake up call like a champ, says goodbye to us each morning without a single tear and is all smiles upon pick up.  His teacher, Mrs. Martin, emailed today "Fisher makes me smile! He is generally happy and cheerful and even greets correction with acceptance and a desire to do the right thing.  He will have to work on over-chattiness but I can tell he makes friends easily." How awesome is that?  

Since St. Francis Xavier is quite obviously a Catholic school, he is also getting his first exposure to organized religion.  I attended Catholic grade school (St. Eugene's) for eight years in Milwaukee, and knew deep in my heart that I wanted our kids to have the same experience. Fisher has religion class every day and I love hearing what he has learned.  Today he told me that "God created everything, and before he made anything, he was all alone in the dark.  It was really, really dark." Ok. Yesterday he said "When you feel the tug on your kite, that's heaven."  Huh.  

I'll be sure to post any new divine revelations that he comes up with over the next year or so.  Once they get to the whole Jesus dying on the cross stuff I think we will be in for some very interesting conversations.  

Ok, now that I think about it, I guess I can tie this back into my recovery.  One of the main reasons I pushed for St. Francis is because frankly, my future is uncertain.  I have every intention of sticking around for the next 20+ years, but truthfully, my disease is unpredictable.  If and I mean a BIG if, anything should happen to me, I want my kids to have a foundation of faith to support them, as well as a wonderful church and school community to embrace my family.  Hey, I'm a planner, I can't help it.  

So one kid down, and one more to go.  Jenny-Jane starts preschool in two weeks. I'm sure I'll have photos to share of that big event too. I already have her new navy sailor dress all ironed for the first day. It's that planning thing again. I just wish I could plan for the rest of our lives too. 

with love on a school night,


  1. Who's the hot mom taking Fisher to school? You look great Kristin.
    All our love,
    The Husacks

  2. Hi Kristin, as a pastor I am so excited that your little ones will get some solid faith to hang their little lives on...you are doing the right thing. Those pictures are so precious and I am sure Jenny-Janes will be too...write down those words from Fisher that will be your second book! :)...plans are the very fabric that we use to live our lives along the way...have a wonderful time with planning all you want it is what we do to keep our minds focused on the future! You look wonderful...sending you prayers and hugs of joy for the school year. In His Mercy, Pastor Deborah McLean or gmom as my grandkids call me:)

  3. Sweet photos - he looks very mature. So excited Fisher's going to my alma mater! He will love it. And now you've got other people to read him "God books." ;) Love you all. xo

  4. Love the kicks! Fish is definitely too cool for school :) Miss the Hower's a ton! xo Caitlin