Monday, August 15, 2011

East Coast Recap

Grandpa Larry's patio in sunny Rhode Island
Just one of about 200 fish photos
Got Crabs?  With Nick's Mom Virginia in Massachusetts
Every day at the beach in Hull, MA
Nothing makes me happier than Pete with our kids
Finally, I've managed to organize our East Coast trip photos into a sensible mass and I've chosen a very select few for you here.  Yes, we've been home for several weeks now, so this is kind of ridiculous, but please indulge me.  I'm going to give you my five (or so) word overview of each of our three stops, and a blurb or two of my favorite moments in each location.  

Wickford (North Kingstown), Rhode Island visiting Nick's Dad Larry and Cyndy-  "It's all about the fishing."  Here I loved our hot day at the beach where the boys cruised up on the fishing boat to meet the girls for a picnic in the sand. Live lobster dinner too!

Hull (Spinnaker Island), Mass. visiting Nick's Mom Virginia and Rusty- "It's all about the beach."  Here I loved arriving late-night to homemade soup and lots of hugs.  I cherish the memory of our beach chairs in the ocean with Jenny-Jane effortlessly flying a red kite over her head.  Oh and Nick's and my kid-free escape on the ferry over to Boston for the day, shopping and lunch!

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey visiting our favorite pals Pete, Mellissa and August Moser- "It's all about friendship." Here I loved seeing where our dear friends have started their family in a gorgeous neighborhood right outside NY City.  I love how Pete took Nick and Fisher on a 90 mph cruise in his Porche 911 (ok, they loved it) and organized an epic "roof top" night out in NYC with four of our favorite couples.  

If you want to see more of our trip, I did create a Shutterfly album with an edited 50 of the 400+ photos taken on our adventure.  Click here to see them.

Back to the present, Fisher started kindergarten at St. Francis Xavier school in central Phoenix this past week.  So far he loves it and I tear up seeing him doing "pledge and prayer" with the entire school every morning in his cute uniform.  Next post I'll include first day of school photos, I can't help myself.  

All is status quo on the health issue, which is great.  Nothing new to report except I had to postpone my brain MRI (for that little aneurysm thing they found last year) until after my tissue expanders are removed during my reconstruction surgery next month.  I wish I could get that scan done now as previously planned just to put my mind at ease that the aneurysm is not growing and that I don't have breast cancer tumors all over my brain.  As I've mentioned, breast cancer likes to sneak into the brain and start growing tumors.  Not that it will happen to me, of course, but I'd like a confirmation that every little headache or twinge is nothing to worry about.  Oh, the life of a cancer survivor, fun fun. 

Ok, that's it!  My new 6:00am wake up call to get Fisher to school is quite an adjustment for the both of us.  Early birds we are not so I'd better get my butt in gear with earlier bedtimes for all of us.  

with love to all,

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