Thursday, August 4, 2011


Here we go again from the iPad. Our big computer is still at the Apple shop so no East Coast photos yet. I do have to give props to Nick who took the thing apart on our kitchen table to try to fix himself. Amazing it was not destroyed in that operation. Have you seen the inside if a home computer? Crazy.

So tonight I've got fun plastic surgery news! I'm scheduled for my reconstruction surgery on Monday September 19th. This morning Dr. Mosharraffa tells me he can work a few miracles for me. At this point I have 500cc's of saline in each of my tissue expanders and he knew I wanted larger, but my small boned frame cannot handle one cc more. No kidding. The hard snow globes on my chest feel like they are indenting my ribs, which I learned, they probably are. So, he tells me he can make more space once he's "in there" to put in 650cc saline implants on each side without any problem. Yippee!! He said they might be a little firmer than normal boobs, but they won't be anywhere as horribly solid as the ones I have now. Plus, no sagging! He said I'll be sixty with the boobs of a twenty year old. Fab! Considering I was an A-cup before this whole nightmare began, I'm kind of enjoying this unexpected cancer upside. And of course I'm going to be just like any self respecting gal with new surgically enhanced breasts; I'll be wearing inappropriately revealing tops at every opportunity.

My surgery will be performed on an out-patient basis and will be far less painful than the mastectomies. The recovery should be much faster too. The weird part starts about three months after surgery when the doc creates my new nipples and then the rest is tattoo'd on. Oh, yes, what a freak show. I really don't understand that whole process but will report as it happens, of course.

So for now I'm concentrating on getting Fisher started in kindergarten next week, then Jenny-Jane in preschool in September, then Jenny-Jane's 3rd birthday, THEN I can focus on the surgery. Thank God we have these little people (and the BRAVO channel) to keep our minds off the heavy stuff.

With love,


  1. Hi are amazing! Do they have a playmate of the month for all you ladies that have been through so much? (*_*)!!! Keep writing and tracking because I have said it before God has a plan for your wit and wisdom and HEALTH:)...WOW you could even have some Mommy alone time this fall...enjoy the planning and the God's mercy, Deborah McLean

  2. LOL Congrats my friend. Just be careful not to overload. You don't want a busted boob like mine. :) I couldn't handle any more CC's so I give you props! Just think...camisoles with no bra! Its such a blessing. HaHa. Love to you!