Saturday, July 16, 2011

East Coast Bound

Here we go again! I'm packing up the family to take them to the East Coast to visit Nick's Dad in Rhode Island and Mom in Massachusetts, then to New Jersey/New York City to visit the Moser family.  Nick is already in Wickford, RI enjoying lots of time with his Dad on the boat, and we arrive late Sunday night to spoil all their fun (just kidding).  I LOVE the East Coast and Nick's parents, of course, so I can't wait to get going.  I do not love the 5 hour flight alone with the ankle biters, but I am nothing if I'm not prepared.  Ipad and DVD player loaded, a bounty of new books from Half Priced Books, snacks-a-plenty and Southwest Airlines drink coupons are at the ready.

While Jenny-Jane's pink suitcase and Fisher's red one are all set to go, mine sits empty and I've got clothes strewn across my room.  It's 10:30pm so I'd better get my butt in gear.   

Oh!  And a quick health update.  With Rebecca at my side, I saw my ever-wonderful oncologist Dr. Wendt on Friday morning for my 3-month check up and he had nothing but glowing praise for my progress.  After all his standard and somewhat bizarre list of questions and a little poking and prodding, he said "I think you look great!"  He applauded me for following all the rules:  lots of exercise, low fat diet, limited alcohol and low stress.  While it may not be my choice to follow this clean living regimen, it's definitely keeping me healthy which is our top priority.  

I'll be back with stories and photos from our big trip.  I'm especially looking forward to next Saturday night when my Sigma Chi lil' bro Pete and his lovely wife Mellissa have a grand night out planned for us in the big city.  I ADORE NYC and can't wait to cause some trouble!  (Clean living may have to be put on hold, it's NYC for goodness sake!)

with love,

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