Saturday, July 30, 2011

Apple Sauced

Quite obviously, there's a glitch in the matrix. I have gobs of photos I want to share and fantasic (or shall i say Nantastic) stories I want to tell about our East Coast adventure. Alas our beautiful big Apple computer has pooped the preverbal bed. That's a Nick phrase and he doesn't use the word pooped. But anyway, for now I'm writing in HTML from my iPad and waiting patiently for Nick to work some serious magic and hopefully fix our computer without having to replace the whole enchilada.

I do want to say thank you to our three amazingly generous host families, Dad/Larry and Cyndy in North Kingston, Rhode Island, Mom/Virginia and Rusty on Spinnaker Island in Massachusett and Mellissa, Pete and lil' August Moser in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Plus, we even escaped to the big cities of Boston and New York City for some very needed kidless time.

Oh yes, it was unseasonable hot and humid every day we were there, but that did not derail our fun. And best news of all, I felt great every day of our trip. I'm in a very good place right now health-wise, and I'm not taking it for granted. I never will again.

So, stay tuned for photos and stories to come. Nick is actively tinkering with the computer and I hope to be up and running again by the end of the weekend. Is there some patron saint of electronics we can pray to?

With love from back home in AZ,

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