Monday, June 6, 2011

Ahh... Manhattan Beach

Skateboarding down The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA
Nick cut his hair so mine would be longer
Sand crabs a plenty

Jenny-Jane's newest crush, Alec
Luke's arm around Fisher, Alec with Jenny-Jane

I am often amazed at how just a few days away from home can create so many wonderful memories.  This past weekend we were hosted by our funny and fabulous friends, Jill and Andy Bergen, and their two boys, Alec and Luke, at their rental house in Manhattan Beach, California.  Most everyone knows that I will literally jump at the chance to spend any amount time in my favorite beach city.  This town is home to many of my most crazy and amazing and memorable experiences with a bevy of my favorite friends (Pete and Marcy, are you listening?).  So while we could only stay a few days, we easily crammed in a week's worth of fun.  And while having kids in tow toned down the wild factor from our past, our little ones provided many of the weekend's highlights.

Fisher is always a good sport and can find adventure in any outdoor activity.  Sand crab excavation became his mission and he spent every second he could at the beach, because as he said "it's always open!"  Jenny-Jane is customarily a handful and bestows her sweetness on the rare few.  Typically she chooses young boys for her affections, generally in the 8-12 age range, which was perfect for our us since the Bergen boys fell right into that category. We are beyond grateful for the generosity of our friends to allow us to share their vacation.  Thank you Bergens!

This week we are super excited to welcome back Nick's sister Wendy and her daughter Emma who fly from North Carolina on Friday. They totally click with our family, and spoil our kids rotten, and I can't wait to spend time with them when I'm not in a chemo haze.  We are jittery with excitement for their arrival.

And I kind of realized that I may have jumped right over our celebrations for Nick's 41st birthday last Tuesday.  Let's just say we titled our day/night at the Talking Stick Resort and Casino "The Hangover 41".  Let's see, somehow we managed to squeeze in golf for the boys, pool time for the girls, dinner, dancing, plenty of gambling and an overnight stay in less than 24 hours.  And no, we did not find a tiger in our bathroom, and I'm not sharing any photos. Happy 41 to my love, I hope this made up for spending your 40th in the ER with me last year.

Tomorrow I make my second visit in two months to my plastic surgeon for a little more expansion to my chest (he's letting me get a little bigger!) and discussion about my upcoming surgery.  We are still aiming for reconstruction in September, yippee!  My friend Gabbee just had her surgery a few weeks ago and Wimberly has hers next week.  You cannot keep a good woman down, look out world, here we come!

That's enough for tonight, I so wish I had time to write more often. The kids are keeping my insanely busy this summer, which is such a tremendous change from where I was last year at this time.  I'll close with this:  Fisher received a book from his Grandpa Larry called Phoebe and Chub that we read at bedtime tonight.  The main characters have three rules 1) Make lots of friends 2) Make your wishes known 3) Enjoy every moment.  We are pretty good rule followers around here.


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  1. I am listening and wish I was there with you. My favorite place ever. Look forward to fun on the east coast.