Thursday, June 23, 2011

Milwaukee Bound

We are just moments away from my street sister Amy Hill picking us up for the airport.  It's me and the kids on a 3.5 hour flight to Milwaukee.  Yikes.  I'm armed with the iPad of movies, fluffernutter sandwiches and bag of snacks of which my friend Rebecca would be proud.  Nick is meeting us in Milwaukee after a few days of business in Minneapolis.  My big brother Mike is meeting us at the airport and then we are there for a week of much needed time with my Mom in the gorgeous cool weather.   I hope to find time to blog about our cheese-filled adventures.  It's my first time back since my Dad's funeral so I know the house will seem strangely quiet without him, sigh.  What a year.  

Ok, we are off!  I'll be Facebooking our trip too!


  1. Hi Kristin, hope you had a good flight and the children enjoyed all those snacks:)...oh yes the coolness of the northern states:) Enjoy your time with your family, take lots of photo's and enjoy the "cheese" of it:)
    Hugs and blessings, Deborah McLean

  2. okay... so it's July 6th...
    C'mon already!
    where is the next post and the latest pictures????? I'm dying here. This might be the longest amount of time in between posts. EVER. Sigh.
    -Jenn Wild