Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome Back Wendy

The Livingston girls arrive- welcome Wendy & Emma

Nick's signature grapefruit cocktail is a crowd pleaser

Emma oversees the pizza making

Yes, that's a movie screen next to the pool!

What a wild and wonderful week I have to report!  Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to make up for last summer at this time when I was in the midst of a constant adriamycin/cytoxan (aka The Red Death) chemotherapy hangover.  While I'd like to forget most of that nightmare, there is one thing (really person) who I was happy to welcome back from last summer- Nick's one and only, super sister Wendy.  Wendy was there for us in so many ways through some of the ugliest times of my treatment.  Her nearly two week stint in our home last May was selfless and generous beyond imagine. It was a treat to share this past week with her and eleven-year-old Emma to celebrate the end of that nasty chapter in our lives.  

If you ask Wendy and Emma, we pretty much spent their entire visit in the pool.  Nick even set up an outdoor movie theater so we could watch Jungle Book with the kids (and then Get Him to The Greek after kids went to bed) without leaving the hot tub.  We managed to dry off long enough to enjoy a few sinful meals out and even to host a dinner party for 17 friends one night.  The cousins loved their time together and we once again questioned why we live across the country from the each other.  Our goodbye was tearful, but we are comforted by the fact that Wendy has promised to come back to help again when I have my reconstruction surgery this September.  We love you Wendy and Emma!

So the Livingston girls flew back to North Carolina Wednesday and Nick was able to escape Thursday for a long weekend of fly fishing at Lee's Ferry with his posse.  Just as Nick left the driveway, my niece Caitlin and her roommate from UofA pulled up. Their 24 hours here reminded what it is like to be 21 again. Man, do I miss those stupid crazy college days.  

As I type this, Nick is returning home from his self proclaimed "epic" fishing trip late tonight so that he can enjoy a relaxing Father's Day with our family.  This is my first Father's Day since my Dad died last August 11th, and I'm feeling down and lonely.  I rarely have dreams that mean anything sensible, but last night I dreamed I was talking to my Dad, asking him questions like "What is your favorite color?" and "What is your favorite food?"  For some reason in my dream, I knew my time with him was short and I wanted to get some answers while he was with me. I feel like that dream was a little gift of time with my Dad.  Just what every little girl really needs on Father's Day.

with love

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