Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Magical Mother's Day

Mother's Day Tea- hat courtesy of Fisher

This kid's got skills!

Doesn't get much better!

Spear hunting in the gorgeous Tucson desert

"Big Eyes"

Family resemblance?  Enjoying the singing cowboy.
Yeah, I'd definitely say this was my best Mother's Day ever.  And I'm not even comparing it to last year's debacle.  As you may remember, just one year ago I was fresh out of my double mastectomy surgery and readying myself for my very first round of dose dense chemotherapy the morning after Mother's Day.  I remember it being unseasonably hot and Nick deciding to spend the day shaving the dogs.  I remember retreating to my room while my sister Diane and Nick's sister Wendy tried to tame my wild children.  God, it was all so off kilter.  

So even without the painful comparison, this year's Mother's holiday was stand alone fantastic.  It started Friday with the Mother's Day Tea at Fisher's preschool.  Truly, it was just the sweetest thing.  All the moms were given wild hats to wear and the five-year-olds showered us with homemade gifts, love songs, treats and even a pedicure.  My left toes are silver, my right toes are maroon and not a cuticle was left unpainted.  At least Fisher didn't grab the bottle of bright blue polish, oh, that unfortunate mother across the room. While I drank in every second, I couldn't help but think, all the mothers are here, what do kids without mothers do on special days like this?  I am NOT going to leave my kids in the lurch.  I'm just not.

So then Nick had a trick up his sleeve for the weekend.  Saturday morning we piled the kids in the car and drove to Tucson to spend two days and one night at the gorgeous new Ritz Carlton resort just north of the city in a breathtaking mountainous canyon.  It was magical.  Except for the scorpion.  I could have done without that three-inch vicious monster scurrying into our room.  But, in Nick and Fisher's style, they captured it, speared it (we normally do not condone killing bugs, but this was a big exception) and it now resides next to Fisher's bed in a ziplock.  

Back to the magical.  We experienced a Native American man playing a flute high up in the mountains at sunset, a real cowboy crooning classic old-west tunes over dinner on the patio, an all family s'more making party (with blissful homemade marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates, none the less), and a night filled with the brightest stars I've seen in years.  Plus the kids were unearthly well behaved.  

Nick and Fisher made spears out of arrow-heads, dental floss and cactus skeletons, and the kids got to hold snakes and observe gila monsters.  Jenny-Jane and I flounced in the pool for hours while Fisher and Nick tacked the 200+ foot long water slide at least two dozen times.  I know, crazy!  All all this in just over 24 hours.  Pretty amazing.

I found myself crying tears of relief and joy as our little family walked through the mountains with that eerily peaceful flute music floating across the canyon.  It was all so beautiful, so perfect, so freeing.  My heart was overflowing with pure gratitude for my life, my husband and my children.

So, to summarize, this Mother's Day was off the charts fabulous. Last Mother's Day?  Well, let's just say it was a sure bet that this year was going to be an improvement.  Well done, family, well done.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, and all the many wonderful Moms in my life!
with love

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