Friday, May 13, 2011

Luft Balloons

It feels almost cruel to follow up my wonderful Mother's Day blog with this one, but I opened this door, and I feel like I need to close it.  No, there is nothing wrong with me, except for a heartache.  

I am writing to say that the little boy I wrote about two posts ago, Ronan Thompson, died early Monday morning, the day after Mother's Day.  I know many people have been following his story of Neuroblastoma, an agressive childhood cancer, for many months, and some people were just introduced to his fight through my blog.  I heard from friends all over the country who said they cried themselves to sleep after reading Ronan's mother's heartfelt account of her son's last moments on Earth.  

She wrote "I curled up beside him.  I whispered little things in his ear and sang to him.  His breathing was becoming softer, his little feet were becoming so cold.  The nurse patted me around 3:20am. Ronan was ready to leave.  I said to her 'Is he gone?'  She replied 'Almost'.  We kissed Ronan goodbye and that was that.  His little heart just stopped."

She recounts bathing Ronan's little body after he passed and dressing him in his favorite Small Paul monkey pants and Star Wars t-shirt.  She says she kissed his lips repeatedly because she knew she would never be able to do so again.

I know, I'm sorry.  I'm crying too, and have been for days.  Again, I don't know this family, but can only imagine the pain they must be feeling.

Here's the kicker, today would have been Ronan's fourth birthday.  It seems our entire central Phoenix community is heart broken for this family.  

In lieu of a large memorial service, his mother has asked that on Sunday at 7:15pm, balloons be released into the sky to fill it with love for their son.  Our family will be doing so from our front yard, and I have a feeling we will see hundreds if not thousands of balloons aloft above our city.  

I expect Ronan's obituary will be published this weekend, and I will attach the link to my blog*.  To view his mother's heartfelt blog in it's entirety, visit

with love,


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  1. we will be releasing balloons for Ronan all the way up here in Spokane WA tomorrow nite, right along with you :)