Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welome Wagon

High five for Grandma G.G while out to lunch

Lots of pool time with Rusty, yes it was freezing!

Front yard sparklers and fireworks

There were three tutu changes that day

I wanted to post a few more photos of our fun-filled weekend with Virginia and Rusty.  Note the fireworks in the third photo.  My sister Diane joined us Sunday night for "Nick's famous ribs" and we broke into our little stash of semi-legal fireworks.  Diane and I are pros.  My Dad was all about fireworks while we were growing up in Wisconsin. You could regularly find us kids wearing welders gloves and aiming Roman candles into the neighbors' yards.  And this was approved play.  I'm not sure Nick's family shared the same summer pastime. He and Virginia were both freaking out pretty hard as Diane and I giggled with glee at the fire-spitting sparklers being held by preschoolers.  And he only allowed us to light one "big one" in the street that shot sparks into the sky and screamed like mad into the quiet night.  Party pooper.

Ok, so I need to mention this Adrienne gal.  This story is another one of those weird cancer synchronicities.  A few months ago, I was at the park with the kids and saw another bald mom.  Of course, being the unofficial welcome wagon to cancer living that I think I am, I approached her and talked to her about her treatment.  Adrienne was deep into chemo for breast cancer and we chatted for a while about how much it sucks being a mom with cancer, and I referred her to my blog.  I had been there done that, and she was interested in my experience and wanted to know what to expect.  That was my last contact with her.

Then Saturday morning, I escaped the family to walk the bridal path. I noticed a woman wearing a scarf on her head, walking slowly and wearing big glasses.  Of course she was going through some type of treatment, I just knew it, and it took every ounce of my being not to try to take her under my wing. I walked past, but I knew I should have said something.  Then that night, I get this comment on my blog "Hi...we met at Butler Park a couple of months ago. My name is Adrienne. You approached me because I had a handkerchief on my head & you wanted to know if I was undergoing chemo. I'm writing because today I went for the 1st walk I could muster up the energy for in 6 months. I was on the bridal path on Central & I think I saw you walking...I wanted to catch up with you & see if it really was you but I was going at a snails pace. I was thinking how ironic it was that I would see you on my 1st day of recovery. I will be walking there often & maybe I'll see you there another time. I hope all is going well for you. Great job on the blog! :) "

Damn it, it was her!  I should have trusted my gut, and now I have no way to contact her (blog comments don't give me email addresses). So if anyone knows an Adrienne going through treatment in Phoenix, please give her my email address  Maybe this cancer tour guide, welcome lady thing is actually a calling for me. I do enjoy being a networker and a hostess, who ever dreamed I'd be parlaying it into a position at the cancer chamber of commerce. Can I trademark that?  I think I'm onto something!


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  1. I think you are on to something! You are the most gracious hostesses and networker I've ever met. Cancer Chamber of Commerce is available according to the AZ Corporation Commission...just thought I would check for you. :-)