Monday, March 21, 2011

Mexico Perfecto!

The Mamas: Andrea, Shelley, me and Monica

The 5-year old rat pack: Thomas, Fisher and Finn

Everybody's gone surfing...

Princess Sandy Bottom

Nick and Thomas looking perfectly beachy
Green eggs, ham and green french toast

Our view from the deck at low tide, can you see the boys out there?

Zoom in, can you see them now?

Finn and Fisher head back home
Oh, it was GREAT GREAT fun, and I have the photos to prove it.  For the first time in our career as parents, we took the kids on a spring break vacation.  Last Wednesday we caravanned with three other beyond wonderful families down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico where we played hard day in and day out until we hit the road back to Phoenix Sunday morning.

The Martins, our generous and most gracious hosts, packed enough food to feed our crew of 15 kids and adults and gave us free reign over their gorgeous beach vacation home.  I've never seen a beach so expansive, and it was right out our back door. 

The ever so calm tide rolled out every afternoon literally tripling the size of the beach, giving the kids more space to roam free than they have ever had in their whole lives.  Us mamas held our breaths as we watched the five year olds move so far away from us as they ran toward the shore, that they actually disappeared into the horizon. We watched them go, knowing they would come back safely, but we knew we were glimpsing the inevitable future.   

The memories from this trip are like sparkly gems in my head.  I cherish them all.  A few that stand out, in no particular order include: the paper plate line up to feed the kids at every meal, the gas powered blender for beachside pina coladas, nightly gourmet home-cooked dinners for the grown-ups, perfectly sunny skies every single day, a big-girls day trip to the city for margaritas and a two story beer bong (no, we left it to the spring breakers),  Fisher and Finn sharing a bed in our room so we had three sweet kiddos in our room every night, Monica's rooster pitcher purchase, Andrea's seashell studded sand castle, Jenny-Jane's hour-long tantrum that prompted a round of mimosas, two huge pirate kites flying in tandem, an enormous full moon that magically lit the beach, Ruby's lip gloss obsession, an invigorating private morning walk with my friend Shelley and Charlie the dog, kids and dads in colorful kayaks, green eggs and ham St. Patrick's Day morning and Fisher's first truly loose front tooth.

Thank you dear friends, for allowing us to share this time together. This was a gift of enormous proportion for our family.

And through it all I felt great, truly normal.  I'm trying to convince myself that I am normal, and that I have no trace of cancer left drumming up trouble in other parts of my body.  But no matter how hard I try, I can't turn that radio off in my head that creates the constant static to remind me that all this fun could end very abruptly. It's my job to live in the present and I have to work at it.  Mexico was all present all the time. It was a vacation from cancer, if only in my mind.

Via con dios,

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  1. It truly was perfection. And I will never forget your sass as I showed you that pitcher. And you trying to steal my dominoes. Incredibly grateful for the memories and the years of future ones to come. xo