Monday, March 28, 2011

From Hull With Love

Virginia and Rusty join us for a night on the town
Well lookie here!  Nick's mom Virginia and stepdad Rusty were back in town this weekend.  I honestly can't count the number of times Virginia has made that marathon trip across the country from Hull, Massachusetts to our southwestern corner of the world over the past year.  I am SOO very grateful to her and all the love they have shown us.  She's been our rock and we love her so!  And you ain't so bad either Rusty, we of course love you too.

I'll have more photos and stories of their wonderful long weekend here in Phoenix.  Needless to say, we lived it up the best we could. This included lots of time in the hot tub, endless cups of Keurig coffee and continuous conversation of how truly amazing and hysterical the kids are (if I do say so myself).  

The night has slipped away from me and so I'll give you the full scoop in the next day or so.  Oh, I'll also give you the story of Adrienne from my last post.  The world is a very small place, my goodness!

with love


  1. I can't wait to see more photos and hear details of their visit! And way to create a cliff hanger K! I am so curious about Adrienne! :) Missing you my dear friend. Hugs & love to you & yours!

  2. Every moment was just perfect. You look wonderful and beautiful and healthy! What a thrill to see you now, with your huge year of treatment behind you. We treasure every moment we had with you and Nick and the darling kids. What a blessing... I'm so grateful! --- Virginia