Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tiny Beast

Jenny-Jane with another little friend
Our household was on a brief hiatus from the Mom-a-palooza this weekend as my Mother retreated to my sister's tranquil house for a couple days.  We are excited to welcome Mom back tomorrow as she turns it up a notch to spend the next week running around town with me and the whack-pack.

A new lil' friend has joined our lives and I wanted to document it here because it's so damn cute.  Yesterday, for the first time, Jenny-Jane introduced me to her imaginary friend.  We were in the Safeway, her in the cart seat facing me, and she holds out her 2-year-old hand and says "Ahhh.. Tiny Beast".  Strangely, I instinctively knew that she was referring to a miniature, invisible beast from Beauty and the Beast.  And so it began.

Tiny Beast made an appearance in the hot tub this evening too. Again, she just holds out her little hand, palm up, and says "Tiny Beast," and he suddenly joins us.  Then after dinner, she placed her sweet head on my chest while gripping the guacamole cup from Chipotle for dear life with one hand, and holds out her other hand and says "hold Tiny Beast," so she can grab the bag of chips.  He even did a little singing tonight during stories.  His voice is similar to Jenny-Jane's but a little deeper, and I think he's got a Cajun accent.

My God she's funny.  Oh, and now when she's mad at you, she'll shout through tears, "Santa call you two minutes!!!"  Doesn't matter if we are ten months away from Christmas, if you piss her off, you are threatened with a call from Santa.  Nobody wants that.

I hold such gratitude in my heart tonight to whatever powers are keeping me on this earth to experience the joys of our children. Watching these insanely fabulous moments unfold before me are true gifts, and I am beyond thankful for every one.  

with love,
k and tiny b


  1. Priceless! I love the Tiny Beast (and that Tiny Princess, too)! We are all so grateful that you are well -- and savoring these precious moments. Blessings abound! XO Virginia

  2. Tee hee! You made me laugh out loud girlfriend! I think this could be a children's book! Beauty and the Tiny Beast! I would buy it! This blog is so special for so many reasons but it is awesome you are able to record some of the funny things so you always remember them! This is such a wonderful reminder that we all must find a way to stay fully present, and 'awake,' to focus on the small things so we can genuinely appreciate the blessings we have...smooch that baby girl for me! Hugs!

  3. I love that she named her new friend Tiny B - but not surprised - sounds like something you would call one of your friends!