Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Mom in the house!!!  Me, Mom and Diane at El Chorro for brunch.
This week and next my Mom is visiting from Wisconsin. She'll be joining me on my simple but joyful life of toting the kids to school, the park and the grocery store. It's my own personal Bermuda Triangle.  

Today was my sister Diane's birthday.  My Mom, Jenny-Jane and I took her flowers at work and watched as her bar-full of customers at the Red Devil presented not one but two, huge birthday cakes.  I can think of no one more deserving of two cakes than Diane. She's so double cake worthy.

Ever since I moved to Arizona, Diane's always been my go-to gal. She's Fisher's Godmother and puts up with all his antics, lord knows she's seen the best and the worst of that kid.  Her purse contains surprises for the kids every time they see her, which is usually at least a couple times per week.  And this past year, when I needed her the most, she absolutely shone.  I wish I could thank her for every thing she did, but honestly, I was so out of it most of the time, that I don't think I have a true inkling of how much we leaned on her. She's remarkable and my whole family loves her so.  Happy Birthday Sea-star!

So tonight to celebrate Diane's day, my Mom took Nick and his harem of Knotek gals to dinner at our favorite spot, Tuck Shop, where we small plated ourselves into a blissful food coma.  Please go there and order their Shrimp Po'Boy Popovers.  You'll thank me.  It all felt so normal, so fun.  Yes, my Mom's husband of 57 years died just months ago, and yes, I am just out of the woods from cancer treatment, but we didn't wallow.  We just laughed and ate and loved our time together.  How lucky I am!

I've got another week and a half of my Mom here in Phoenix and I'm going to utilize every free moment.  So far I've got her gluing candy on dinosaur Valentine's, designing our Oscar's Night betting board, mending Fisher's jeans (with her mother's perfect condition, ancient sewing machine that she mailed here for just this kind of job), and making light sabers out of pool noodles and duct tape for Fisher's upcoming Star Wars birthday.  Yes, she's a VERY good sport, quite crafty and great company to boot.  Hmmm... maybe that's where I got my spunk.  Thanks Mom.

I'll have plenty more to share as our Mom-a-palooza continues. Who knows, we may get even veer off our triangle of errands.  Crazy!


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  1. Yipppee! I love reading about every charming Knotek girls moment! The picture of the three of you is so darling and it's so awesome that you are soaking it all up! I am confident the light sabers, betting board, jeans and Valentine's are all perfection! Lucky you for such a wonderful mommy and sister and lucky them too! Hugs to you my dear friend. Missing you on this end and look forward to some quality time together when you have recovered from this wonderful adventure full of love and patience. Smooch!