Monday, January 17, 2011

My Social Network

Oh. My. God.  What did I just do?  

Deep breath...I succumbed to Facebook.  Just saying it makes me shrink in horror. Maybe it was the sweep of Social Network at the Golden Globes last night.  Maybe it was the undying peer pressure of my well intentioned friends and husband.  Or maybe, it was a calculated career move.  More on that later.

So my inbox is FULL of messages from people accepting my requests to "friend them".  I have no idea what any of that means and how any of it works.  So please, give me a few days to get acclimated.  I'm in a very strange new world.  And yes, I realize that the entire planet has been on Facebook for years and it's silly that I'm arriving so late to the party. But I was truly scared of it.  I was certain that my embracing this demon would definitely mean that my children would go unbathed, they'd be watching Curious George on a perpetual loop and we'd be eating frostbitten fish sticks from the depths of our freezer for weeks on end.  I was truly scared the fun of it would take over my life.  I guess this is yet to be seen.

So the first thing you do when setting up a Facebook page is to post a photo of yourself. Even that stumped me.  I mean, if I'm reconnecting with people from all aspects of my 40-year-long life, do I really want to look like the unintentional short, dark and sassy-haired gal I've become?  Or do I post an old photo with my former long blondish locks?  I don't like either option.  So for now, I've just got the Kick it Kiki logo up there.  Kind of lame, I know, I know.

So the real reason for my voyage into the land of the lost?  Total self promotion.  Exhibit A:  On my bedstand is the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published.  Yes, I'm actually taking the first baby steps toward becoming a bona fide writer.  The experience of writing this blog, along with the encouragement I've received from so many friends, has put me on this path.  What do I want to write a book about you say?  Hmmm, well then, that's still up for discussion.  It will probably have something to do with my crazy cancer adventure, but it needs to be much more than that.  The world does not need yet another "you can overcome" cancer book, so I need to be clever and that's much harder than it sounds.  Oh, and yes, I am accepting advise so the suggestion box is now open.  

I just know that the more people I expose to my blog, the more momentum I will have for my book and/or books.  Thus, the Facebook decision.  And if I happen to reconnect with dozens or maybe hundreds of people along the way who I really didn't take the time to personally get to know over my lifetime (sorry, I've always said I'm more of a quality over quantity girl when it comes to friendships), well then, so be it.  

And if all this goes to pot and a book is never written, maybe there is still a big lesson in it all.  I hope that is a reminder to every woman, wife, sister, mother and daughter out there to do their self breast exams. The more people I reach, the more exposure my disease is given, and the faster a cure and a preventative measure can be found.  

In the meantime, I wonder where my college boyfriend is nowadays? (just kidding Nick!)

with love to my "friends"


  1. Your college boyfriend will most likely be one of your first friends...that's the power of Facebook. :-) Can't wait to go to the first book signing!

  2. Kiki! First, Im SOOOO EXCITED your on FB, because I want to show you off to my friends. They all hear about you. LOL. Second, I thought about writing a book as well after all these blogs. LOL...My thought for a book? "What NOT to say to a cancer patient". I had so many things said that were "foot in your mouth" kinna deal. Anyway, whatever it is, I am your #1 fan. :)


  3. Hi Kristin, you will have lots of fun with a pastor I decided not to do it. Lots of reasons but I think that it will give you a great deal of information for that book writing! :) have good fun in your words even when you were on lots of drugs (*_*) !!! so don't worry about your children eating frozen fish sticks:) they won't notice till they are about 10 :)...anyway have fun and I like the idea of what not to say to a cancer patient...most people just want to show care and love and could sure use a guide...keep us all posted on your new venture.
    God Bless, Deborah from the Poconos:)

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  5. Let me try that again.....
    Oh Kiki....I am SO disappointed in you!!! (Just kidding)!! Another one bites the dust!!
    I remain a FB holdout, (one of the only ones left), and proud of it!!
    Love, Court