Monday, December 13, 2010

The Matrix

Gorgeous grandparents!!
I did it again, another week has gone by and I am finally sitting down to write a quick post. I think this is good news, meaning I have no major health issues to report and I'm feeling good enough to be super busy like a real live normal person this holiday season.  My radiologist warned me this would happen.  He said I'd slip back into almost normal life.  I think that's what's happening...Yay!

This past weekend was spent with Nick's wonderful Mom Virginia and step-dad Rusty here in Phoenix for four days of gorgeous weather.  Before they arrived, Nick created a "matrix" of activities to keep us busy.  I've got it right next to me, I wish you could see it.  We checked off almost every item on said "matrix" including a picnic in our favorite downtown park, dinner at our favorite "hood" restaurant Tuck Shop, a viewing of our current must-see movie "Get Him To The Greek" (warning- it's not for everyone!), a messy double dog wash at Wag n' Wash, multiple hot tub dips and coffee shop visits and a grand finale of Luminarias Sunday night at the Botanical Gardens.  If you are not familiar with this special event, they line every path of the Gardens with luminarias (paper bag lanterns) and have various musical acts playing Christmas carols.  Of course Fisher stole the show.  

Upon listening to the hand played bell choir, the director asked the audience "Who recognized the last piece of music?"  Fisher raised his hand and said "When I was a little Indian boy, I heard that song.  It was called Jupiter".  Ok, so let me explain.  For the past year or more, every one of Fisher's stories begins with "When I was a little Indian boy...".  We have no idea where that came from, seriously, but I think he believes what he is saying.  Past life maybe?  And the Jupiter part?  You got me.  I'm just glad the audience and the director thought he was adorable and not audacious.  Jenny-Jane did her part to try to out-cute Fisher by dancing like a spaghetti legged fool to a raucous swing band.  All in all, a very memorable holiday family outing.  Oh, and my favorite part was the six-member all-female mariachi band sweetly singing children's carols and playing their Mexican tuned instruments.  Quite dreamy.

Having Virginia and Rusty here before Christmas was like a gift in itself.  They are hip, funny and really, really fun.  The kids truly adore both of them and of course we do too.  It was hard to say goodbye this morning as they drove off for the airport back to temps in the teens while we hit a sunny eighty degrees today.  

In a day or so I'll have a few more photos to share of our weekend of pure play with V and R.  It was relaxing and silly and filled with love.  I'm not sure I could think of a better compliment.  We love and miss you Virginia and Rusty!

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  1. Dear Kristin, how wonderful that you could all have a fun time and that your energy has come back! PRAISE THE LORD:) sorry for being so long from posting thoughts to get very hectic for pastors this time of year. I check your blog so late at night that my eyes will not let me write...SO today it is 12:47pm the sun is bright and I can write back to you:) When I think about how this all started and where you are today my heart fills with joy for you! There is definitely a book for you to write that I know will help so many women who do not know you yet. You humor and that "givem hell harry" way of being is how you got to this point. Keep honoring you grief for your Dad that will help you stay physically well in the end:) So enjoy your celebration of Christmas this year with eyes that see things in a different way and you can never take too many pictures...oops must run the fire place man it at the door and our fireplace has not worked all fall, yikes! Hugs, blessings and angels kisses for your whole family, Love Pst. Deborah (*_*)