Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Did On Vacation, By Kiki

Together in Paradise

Enjoying Mexico, kids?

Our living room and patio overlooking the ocean.  

The boys kept us well fed.

Fisher and Ben hated the beach- not!

Nick, me, Fisher, Jenny-Jane, Ryan, Rebecca, Ben and Jerry

So the first thing my sweet friend Courtney emails me upon our return from Mexico was "Are you super tan?"  You know, it's strange, I didn't think once, not once, about trying to get a tan while we were on vacation. For a girl originally from Wisconsin, where your vacation success is judged solely by the depth of your tan, it's extremely odd.  My radiologist warned that I would need to wear a t-shirt over my swim suit to protect the recently radiated skin, but I had free reign to tan the rest of me.  Let's just say that I am not any tanner now than when I left, anywhere.  So, by Wisconsin standards, the weather must have been horrible and our vacation must have really sucked.  Not so.  It was a dream vacation and we had perfectly sunny skies with temps in the low 80's.  So I thought maybe a list of my top ten highlights, along with the photos, might be the best way to briefly (I promised to spare you every detail) share our experiences.

Kiki's Top Ten Highlights of The Hower's Thank God It's Over Vacation (in no particular order)
1.  The house.  We rented a Mexican mansion.  While not everything worked exactly as advertised (Mexico will be Mexico), it was still right on the beach, had a pool overlooking the ocean, floor to ceiling ten foot pocket doors that opened to the ocean, beautiful furnishings and more space than we could possibly use- even when there were eight of us there.
2.  The Carlo Family.  Rebecca, Jerry, Ryan and Ben joined us for five days for fun in the sun.  I don't think I'll ever want to travel without them again.
3.  Alberto and his wife Martha. We had a personal concierge and housekeeper who arrived every day about 9am to ensure our happiness.  No, I'm not kidding.
4.  Fish Tacos!  When the boys arrived home from fishing, we'd hand plastic bags of fish to Juan, who worked at the peaceful restaurant 100 yards down the beach from the house, and a half hour later, we'd be treated to an incredible spread of grilled and fried fish served with tortillas, cabbage, sauces, rice, chilled beers and margaritas.  It was like magic.  
5.  Fisher and Jenny-Jane.  They napped peacefully every day.  
6.  Bucerias.  We discovered this little town where we ate dinner two nights with our toes in the sand while watching the kids play on the beach at sunset.
7.  The Beach/The Ocean.  It was clean, it was deserted and it was just steps down from our patio.
8.  The Laughter.  It was constant.  Kids laughed and played on the beach, in the waves and while running around the huge house.  The adults enjoyed cervezas (beers) all day and stayed up late playing games and watching silly movies.
9.  Nick.  For everything he did to indulge my fantasy of this amazing vacation.  He's my everything.
10.  The Peace.  There were many moments and even hours when I forgot or maybe didn't choose to think about my health and the uncertain future of my family.  I found a piece of peace that I have brought home with me.  It's the best souvenir I could have imagined.

with love

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  1. virginia (Nick's Mom)November 19, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    Oh, thank you for sharing these wonderful glimpses of your well-deserved vacation! And the photos are SO precious. But we need a closeup of your tres chic growing-in hair! Audrey Hepburn, move over!