Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quietly Spectacular

Gotta love a self timer camera!
While I truly missed my family this Thanksgiving, I have to say our private celebration was quietly spectacular.  We usually have at least a couple family members from colder climates join us for Phoenix's perfect fall temperatures, this year it was just the four of us.  Yes, I did have pangs of homesickness when I called my parent's house in Milwaukee and heard my sister Diane and my brothers along with their kids laughing in the kitchen with my Mom.  And I missed Nick's Mom Virginia being here to act as my right and left hands working alongside me in the kitchen.  But we have seen so many family members over the past several months, so just us was just perfect.

We hot tubbed, bloody and virgin mary's in hand, with the kids in the morning and Nick played ball with them in the sunshine in the front yard in the early afternoon as I cooked.  What I didn't want to make, we picked up from AJ's Fine Foods.  The kids took late afternoon naps and Nick and I sat in front of the fire in the living room together as we enjoyed a few moments of quiet together before they woke up.  Everything was strangely calm as I even polished a few extra pieces of silver (thank you for our beautiful pieces Virginia and Mrs. Reinhart!) to use.  Nick's grilled turkey was perfect, per usual, and the kids even sat nicely at the table for a while.  The four of us held hands as we prayed before eating.  Nick and I stole quiet glances as we knew oh-so-well that this was a very special moment.  All we have to be thankful for is more than we could ever begin to express.  

So as Thanksgiving winds down, we move on to Christmas preparations.  Time to bring the holiday decoration boxes out of the basement and start preparing our home for the most wonderful time of the year.  

We send our love to all of our friends and family who we missed this Thanksgiving weekend,
with love


  1. Oh what a beautiful Thanksgiving! We celebrated with family on Thanksgiving-Eve...out for a dinner at a steakhouse! Nothing like traditional Thanksgiving steak :) Thanksgiving day was just us too. These ARE special, memory-filled moments and like you, we treasured every moment. Love you and your beautiful family my friend.

  2. virginia (Nick's Mom)November 29, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    What a great picture of your sweet family! Sounds like the perfect turkey-day. We missed you all dearly, too! XOXOXO