Wednesday, October 6, 2010

YAY for Airbags!

What is my problem?  Stop smiling already!
Well... I was quite prepared to share some photos from our visit with Nick's Mom this past weekend, but this pesky car accident kind of derailed my day.  Yes, that is me to the left, smiling at the fireman who came to my rescue after I had a pretty serious collision with another car on 7th Street after dropping Fisher off from school this morning.  THANK GOD I did not have the kids in the car.  As to how it happened, and who's fault it is, that is still being worked out, so for all those insurance and cop spies our there (paranoid? me?), I'm not able to give details.  But, as you can see, I'm ok, the other driver is ok, and his car got the worst of it.  I was hit on the front drivers side, which I think saved me serious injury.  If he had hit my door, things could have been much worse.  

The super nice firemen and paramedics who came to the scene kept saying "you are handling this so well".  My blood pressure was pretty normal and even my pulse wasn't that elevated.  While I know I was in shock, I was seriously happy to be alive and not seriously hurt.  Can you imagine if after all I've been through, I get taken out by a car accident?  Come on, that would be seriously cruel.

Of course Nick was on his way to the airport for a client meeting in San Jose, so he drove like a bat out of hell to be by my side.  Upon making sure I was really ok, he left again for the airport, and my sweet friend Andrea (who I was heading to meet for coffee at the time of the accident) scooped me up and drove me to radiation.  My radiologist checked me out and gave me a go ahead for treatment.  He said "I worked in ER.  Nobody comes in the day of an accident.  They always come in the next day because that's when all the bruising and muscle aches appear."  So, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.  I've got a cut and big bruise on my right arm (unfortunately the arm I'm not supposed to injure since they took all the lymph nodes from that side), a sore neck and random other spots of bruising.  I've been icing, adviling and valuiming all day. That reminds me, it's valium time- yay!

My car is at some tow yard waiting to be picked up from the body shop.  I drive a VW Touareg and that thing took a serious hit and kept me quite safe (airbag did employ) so a shout out to the safety of VW.  Thank you, you German carmakers!  I don't expect them to total it, but I'm sure I'll be in a rental for quite a few weeks.  I'll be ok as long as it's not some PT Cruiser.  Insulting!

I'll let you know how I'm feeling after a nights sleep.  I'm really hoping the bruising does not get worse overnight.  Then maybe I can show a few photos from last weekend, and then get prepared for our big Komen weekend.  I'm super excited to see everyone as people are already trickling into town.  

Oh, and a very happy birthday to my friend Rebecca today.  She's the big 30 (ok- add 10 years) but you'd never know it.  She's lovely inside and out and I'm proud to call her one of my very best friends.

Let's hope tomorrow is a little less exciting, jeez!


  1. Kristin -

    Glad to hear you are ok! Grandma called yesterday to tell us all about the situation and to reassure us that your air bags did their job. As for me I am confident that the family has a curse when it comes to cars - I recently had a raccoon vs Honda incident. Sadly to say the raccoon won! On the plus side my car was fixed and back to me in a week so there is hope that you will not have to be in that PT cruiser long.
    As I am sure you know grandma is enjoying her time with the little red loaner car as they try to figure out why hers will start for anyone but her. Then a few months ago my dad was involved in the very entertaining Green Machine vs recliner incident on the interstate.

    I am almost positive that you brother will have some rules pertaining to these events, you might want to ask him when he comes to visit in a few weeks.

    Have a good weekend

    Love Kim

  2. The McQueens are so very relieved you're OK and that our small friends weren't with you. Want you to know that I'm going to share with you the best kept secret EVER - you need to go to my chiropractor. I've seen 5 of them in my jacked-up neck life, and this guy is truly the most amazing amazing amazing person ever. He's got the golden touch and will heal those aches and pains and messed-up-back-neck-stuff you're likely to have after that big accident. Dr. Kilcup (strange name, I know) - he's at 27th Ave. & Glendale (more strange, I get it). 602-864-0304 But you will never regret it and will thank your lucky stars for him. Go. Seriously. Bye. Luv ya. Have fun this weekend - we've got company so we won't be there, but I'm doing the Tri For The Cure in April for YOU baby!

  3. I am so glad you are ok! What a girl won't do to meet a cute fireman! :) Just so relieved you are alright sweetness.

    Hugs & love!

  4. Hi Kristin,
    I am so glad you are alright, just another thing in the book of life.
    Hope you are up for tomorrow and I know a lot of people will show up.
    Take care, Kristin.