Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a Weekend!!

The gigantic "Oh Pat and Kiki" Komen Team
What an unbelievable weekend we just had.  Truly, it was four days of love and support like I've never known possible.  It all culminated with the Komen Walk for a Cure early this morning in downtown Phoenix.  I really don't know how many people we had there in support of Pat and me, but just check out the above photo.  Isn't that just nuts?  Everyone on our team wore their grey "Oh Pat and Kiki" t-shirts and were easy to spot all over the walk route.  Oh, and don't look for me, Nick, the kids or about 10 of my close friends in this photo, we had a little parking mishap and missed the group photo, oops.  I know, that's ridiculous.  And, a big group of us totally cheated and only walked about one of the five K's.  It was hot, I have cancer and Jenny-Jane was a screaming mess.  I pulled my C-card and we jumped a few barriers. Who cares, it was still a great success.  I totally have to say a huge I'm sorry to everyone who I didn't get to see nor chat with this morning because of our tardiness and the crazy mass of grey shirted people surrounding us. I know you were all there and I am SO very, very grateful.

The night before was Saturday night, and I have to say, it was my favorite part of the weekend.  Our team captain Marcy organized a get together at the swanky Valley Ho hotel.  Everyone was invited, but she especially targeted the UofA Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters to reunite for Pat and my support.  I am still in awe at the huge turnout.  Girls and their families traveled from all over the country to be with us.  Thank goodness I had found a dress that I really loved so actually felt comfortable attending without any head covering, which is a big deal for me.  I caked on the make-up and honestly, I actually felt pretty as a bald girl for the first time.  Kind of like a high fashion model, or call girl, take your pick.

I would compare the night to a wedding and I got to be the bride (again).  I think Pat felt the same way.  Every time I turned around, I'd see another old friend who embraced me so tightly I thought I might pop. I would have to excuse myself every few minutes so that I could make my rounds saying hello and thank you to everyone.  Names of girls I had not seen in eighteen years would pop back into my head like magic.  Old friends would come around the corner or enter the room and my heart would just pound out of my chest (yes, especially you Jen U'ren Short).  There was SO much love for us.  It was awesome.

So that night we ended up eating pizza until close to midnight with a small group of crazy gals and laughing like lunatics.  The night before, Friday night, Marcy organized a dual 40th bday bash (mine is later this month) for Rebecca and me at AZ88 restaurant.  We drank martini's (espresso martini for me- yippee!) and ended up karaoke singing until 1am at the Scottsdale dive bar The Grape Vine.  Marcy blew up bad college photos of Rebecca and me and put them on popsicle sticks so that everyone in the bar was singing while holding our big faces in front of their own. It was nuts and a wild fun time.

Ok, I'm going backwards on my time line, so we are now at Thursday.  Thursday evening a very special group of gals gathered at Marcy's mom's house in central Phoenix for a quick pre-weekend reunion.  My senior year in college, there were five of us (Marcy, Rebecca, Andi, Liz and me) who lived in a great house on Seneca in Tucson.  If those walls could talk...OH boy.  Anyhoo, all five of us and most of our kids were able to have a couple hours together before the weekend whirlwind whisked us away.  

One thing I heard over and over this weekend was how popular my blog is.  Now I know some people read it regularly, and some people check in from time to time, but I truly didn't expect the reactions I received.  Obviously, I'm no Maya Angelou and my grammar and sentence structure (not to mention profanity and often gruesome medical details) are far from poetic, but I'm finding that people are really connecting with my writing.  I always thought my honesty and bluntness were character flaws, but people are actually finding it endearing.  Isn't that a kick in the pants?  I received so much encouragement to continue writing and follow this new passion of mine that I just may have to do so.  In what form I will do this, I'm not sure, but thanks for the inspiration and giving me the confidence to possibly move forward on this path.  Again, one of those unforeseen blessings that come along with cancer.  

As you can imagine, I'm insanely tired from this non-stop weekend.  It's time I retired for the night, but I have to give one more BIG thank you to Marcy for her organization of every detail this weekend, and all our friends who traveled from near and far to be with us.  I honestly never fathomed how powerful the events of these past few days would be.   I knew I was loved, but could never have imagined how much.  Thank you friends, thank you.

With my heart overflowing,


  1. We were there and took the light rail with all three kids, missed the start and also jumped some barriers walked as far as we could and thought it was both so beautiful (and sad, damn cancer!) to see so many people. I wish we would have seen you and Pat and I would have given you one of those hugs and I am jealous of the fun! Next year I am ditching these kids and going all in:)
    YOU ARE LOVED! Jen Sayre & posse

  2. So great to see you Sunday - more like your old self and surrounded by those that love you - and there are alot of us! Post of picture of your cute self from Saturday night - heard you looked absolutely spectacular! xoxo - Nan