Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Give Me A Boost!

"If I smell cookies on your feet, you are in big trouble!"  
- Said this weekend by Nick Hower in actual angered frustration to son Fisher when we encountered the cookie massacre on the red couch in the sunroom. tee hee

So it's late and I'm trying to hose down the guestroom in preparation for Nick's Dad and fiance Cyndy arriving on Friday for the weekend. Our aforementioned, multi- surgeried, black cat Felix has been recuperating and vacationing back there for the past five weeks. Let's just say we are all happy he is living mostly outside again, definitely where he belongs.

But I can't miss mentioning that today was a special milestone. Today I finished my 28th radiation treatment, which means that I am through with the first phase of radiation.  Yay!  The first phase did the big work, meaning I was hit with three blasts of twenty second radiation each day.  It was aimed at the lymph nodes on the right side of my collarbone, my breast area and my underarm lymph node area.  My skin held up phenomenally, until this week.  It's now red, sore and bumpy but that's fine because it will not get worse from here, only better.  A sweet woman doing breast treatment on the same schedule as me, Lupe, showed me her terrible reaction to radiation.  Her skin was peeling and oozing in many areas.  I was very lucky.

So all I have left is a five day "boost".  It is a supplement to my all over breast radiation, just aimed at the mastectomy scar on my right breast.  It sounds odd, but my doctor said that cancer cells could have escaped into the tissue the doctor was sewing up when I had my surgery and they want to give it a "boost" of radiation to ensure nothing grows there.  It kind of makes sense.  So for my last five days of treatment, I just have one twenty second blast of radiation and I'm out of there.  

My last day of radiation is scheduled for October 27th, one day before my 40th birthday on the 28th.  That's one hell of a good birthday gift.



  1. I laughed out loud when I read that!!! Looking forward to your last day I bet...will be thinking of you and hope to scoop out a little time with you, the Tiny Dancer and Wim for a birthday cocktail! xoxo - Nan

  2. Virginia (Nick's Mom)October 21, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    Those Cookie Feet are sure to become a family legend!
    Congratulations on this huge radiation milestone, Kristin dear -- and what a perfect gift for your 40th birthday celebration -- the end of treatment. What a journey! XOXOXO V.