Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Folate = Margaritas!

Nick's Mom Virginia and me, truly happy together
Last weekend was so crazy busy and fantastic with all our friends visiting for the Komen festivities, but I feel like I've got some catch up to do.  First, let's go way back to early October when Nick's Mom, Virginia, was here.  That's us to the left outside Mojo Yogurt at the Biltmore.  Yes, she is super lovely in her Kick it Kiki shirt, love that.  And yes, she and Nick are pretty much identical twins, in a non-creepy kind of way.  Her visit was way too short, but so very therapeutic.  Sometimes you just need a little "Mom" time to feel whole again. She always does a great job of that for all of us.  Nick and I have been married for eleven years, and we dated for seven years before that, so Virginia and I have a long history together.  I'd say we are pretty tight.  I'm so lucky to have an amazing mother-in-law and I'm very aware that not everyone can say the same.  

Next quick subject, my friend Gabbee.  Please add her to your nightly prayers.  She had a bizarre mishap with one of her expanders and had to have emergency surgery last week.  She's doing fine, but it's a real emotional and physical setback for her.  She needs to regain her spiritual strength to keep up the fight.  I know she can do it, and she's big on prayers, so let's all send her some.  Hell, it can't hurt (is that wrong to say?).  You can read more about her surgery on her blog, click here.

Moving on... let's talk my car accident.  It's truly a miracle (thanks Dad, I know you were at work here) that I was not more seriously injured.  The bruise on my arm is big and ugly, I've got another on my back, and my neck is a bit tweaked, but all in all, nothing big.  We are still waiting to hear if my car is going to be totaled.  "Bob" the nice guy at the repair shop who is reviewing the damage, and praying for me by the way, said "it's under review".  Which means it's probably going to be totaled.  Everyone says that if a car is seriously damaged in an accident, it's never the same after a major repair job.  So we'll see.  I'm thinking maybe a gently used Volvo SUV would be nice.  Safety is my top priority after that insane collision last Wednesday.

Lastly, I had a funny meeting with the hospital nutritionist last week.  She poked her head into my radiation session and said she'd like to meet to see if I had any questions.  Well, I'm versed on the eat more grains, fruits and veggies schpeel, so I got down to the nitty gritty.  Is it really bad to drink alcohol after a breast cancer diagnosis?  Most things I've read said to stay away from most everything alcohol related.  So this sweet little lady ran to her office and brought me back the best article ever.  Through extensive studies, it has been proven that if I up my folate (folic acid) intake, I can have 3.2 drinks a day with NO adverse effects.  Jeez!  I don't want that much, but isn't that good to know?  So I immediately ran to Walgreen's and stocked up on prenatal vitamins.  Not that I'm expecting to get pregnant, but they've got a healthy dose of folate in those little suckers.  So don't exclude me from your next happy hour festivities, I'll be right there with my 3.2 drinks in hand!  (seriously, I'm kidding, I don't need an intervention)



  1. I hope you hit the liquor section at Walgreens and picked up some tequila too sweetness! I will be in thoughtful prayer for Gabbee too. She is so blessed to have your support & friendship!

    I miss you and need a fix! Will call you today so we can make a plan my friend. Smooch!

  2. Kristin,
    It was great to see you yesterday when you stopped by to see Nancy! You look amazing and as I mentioned yesterday...your blogs are an inspiration! I look forward to all of your updates! Can't help but comment...WOW...Nick and his mom are seriously twins!! I was looking back/forth from the picture of you with Virginia to your family picture and that's pretty crazy! Please take care and know you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!!
    Lisa G.

  3. Kristin,

    I heard of your cancer from Scott Quinlevan and then found your blog. You sound great and are very obviously blessed with a wonderful husband and children - lots to live for.

    You are in my prayers.

    Pat McDevitt
    Milwaukee, WI
    (Julie and I have six children - Mike, Matt, Mary, Pete, Isabel and Joe. All are doing well.)