Monday, October 25, 2010

Daddy-O In The House!

Fisher and Grandpa Larry "fishing" not "catching"

Before bed cuddle with Grandpa Larry
Escaping the heat of the pumpkin patch
Fish on!
Cyndy has 3 daughters and 8 grandkids, she knows how to soothe the
savage beast
Continuing on our wonderfully busy month of October, we spent the past weekend with Nick's Super-Dad Larry (I call him Daddy-o) and his lovely fiance Cyndy here in Phoenix. Since they live in Rhode Island and we had not seen either of them since my diagnosis, it was a very special reunion.  I know it was really hard for them to be so far away during all our turmoil.  I think they really needed to see us in person, to hug and kiss us to make sure we are really ok, which surprisingly, we are.  

Nick and his Dad are the bestest of best friends.  They are happiest when they are together.  And they are even happier when they are fishing.  So as you can imagine, they managed to fit in three fishing opportunities with Fisher over the past four days.  The first was after Fisher's soccer practice on the day of their arrival in a local park pond (several small fish caught), the second was Saturday on a day-long adventure at Roosevelt Lake (not a single bite) and the third was just this morning at McCormick Ranch pond in Scottsdale (one carp and one catfish successfully reeled in, thank goodness).

Among fishing outings, we had a fairly painfully hot and dusty pumpkin patch excursion, a very special grown-up dinner out at Tuck Shop in downtown Phoenix, and even a shopping trip to Last Chance (Nordstrom's scary yet fantastic return depot) for the girls.  

Fisher was on his best behavior all weekend, and Jenny-Jane was on her sassiest.  Grandpa Larry is still relishing the few super big hugs she gave him.  Most often she'd dismiss anyone who got near her with a "bad daddy," "bad fish-fish" or "bad grandpa".  Oh my.  What a hot little tamale she is.

They left for the airport this afternoon.  I think they took comfort in the fact that our family is highly functioning, we still enjoy a cocktail, and we are really still the same kids beneath this veil of weird cancer drama.  We love you and miss you already Cyndy and Daddy-o!

Get ready for this week's adventure... my family is coming to be with me for my 40th birthday weekend!!! My mom arrives Thursday from Milwaukee, my sister Claudia arrives Friday morning from Portland and my brother Michael and his girlfriend Genny arrive Friday from Milwaukee.  Michael's birthday is also Thursday (I was born on his thirteenth birthday, true!).  We are celebrating not only birthdays, but also my end to treatment with my last radiation on Wednesday.  Oh, I can't wait!  Of course I have an itinerary of family activities already sent to their in-boxes.  My mom kept asking me, "don't you want to have a party with your friends?"  And truly, I don't (sorry friends, you know I still love you).  I want to be with my family most of all.  Our time together in September during my Dad's passing was so emotionally overwhelming, yet we reformed our connections to each other.  I want to be with them again, but in celebration this time.  

So expect me to have plenty to say about this upcoming week-o-fun.  Oh, and did you notice my new hair in the above photo?  Yes, I do have a "do".  Plus eyebrows and eyelashes too!  It's at the stage where I could be a cancer patient, or I could be a stylin' gal who chose to have SUPER short hair.  I prefer to think of myself as the latter.

Much more to come soon!


  1. Happy you will be with your family on this special birthday! Be thinking of you on your last day of treatment and especially wishing you extra special birthday wishes on your 40th!!!

  2. So glad you are almost through with radiation. I'm sure you were the star patient at St Joe's. Have a wonderful 40th birthday and wishing you many more!

  3. cindy w (from chemo)October 26, 2010 at 2:50 PM

    Hi Kiki. I'm so happy to read this and see how well you are doing. Sounds like you flew through radiation and you look great. Congrats!