Sunday, October 17, 2010

Farewell Vee-Dub!

Fisher saying his goodbyes at the collision center
It's official, my car has been totaled.  This is the car we bought in February 2006, the month before Fisher was born.  I needed a "grocery getter," a mom-car, and this VW saw us through one kiddo and then the second.  It was actually my third Volkswagen.  My used blue Jetta was the first car I ever bought.  I was a senior at UofA.  It met a very scary end as I flipped it on a mountain pass in Tucson.  I actually had to climb out of the drivers window in my bikini and flip flops.  Those were the days, yikes.  My second VW was probably my favorite.  While I was trying to get pregnant the first time, I bought a new cream colored convertible bug with a black top.  I even put a vanity plate on it "DREAMEE".  It sure was.  I loved driving that cute little convertible with my big belly.  As my due date approached, I knew that a more practical car was in order, thus the Touareg.  

When I received word from the insurance company Friday that they were not going to repair the thing, I tossed the kids in the white shark (my rental Malibu) and off we drove to the collision center.  I knew Fisher would love seeing the damage to the car and I needed to collect my personal stuff from inside.  It's pretty amazing how they can scrap a whole car just because the front is messed up.  So we took some photos and said a sad farewell to our faithful auto.  

I'm mad about the accident and all the headaches it's caused us, but like everything else in our lives, there has to be a reason for it.  I have eight more radiation sessions and then I'm done with my treatments in two weeks.  Maybe a fresh start includes a new (used) car.  I'll look at it that way.

And yes, I know you've noticed the pink and green "Kick it Kiki" bumper sticker on the back.  Isn't it fab?  Rebecca had them made early in my treatment and I've ordered more.  So if you're willing to deface your auto or any other large object (and I am NOT asking you to do so), please let me know and I'll happily put one in the mail to you.  I love driving on the highway and seeing one on the car in front of me or hearing from people in other states who see them on the road.  

The hunt for my next car is underway.  Nick's Dad, Larry, and his fiance Cyndy arrive from Rhode Island (by way of a Sedona/Flagstaff vacation) on Friday for the weekend, so I hope to have my new ride by then. Wish me luck car shopping.  I think it's on the list of one of the most dreaded tasks that people have to endure.  I do think my semi-bald head may give me a bit of an advantage.  I am NOT afraid to pull out the C-card again and wave it around the dealerships like a beacon.  "I have cancer, don't you dare try to screw me over!"  I think the expiration date on my card is nearing, as my hair is starting to grow fast.  And no, I don't think I'm taking advantage of the situation. I just like to think of it as making lemonade out of lemons.


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