Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Done Done Super Done!

Today was my official last day of radiation treatment, yay!  It's been six and a half weeks, a total of thirty three sessions, every weekday for a month and a half.  Honestly, it was pretty simple.  I got to know the nurses and technicians well, they scooted me in and out pretty quickly, my "burning" reaction was pretty mild as was my fatigue.  Every Wednesday I met with my radiologist, Dr. Brackman, and he monitored my progress and reactions.  Nick came with me today for my last session.  He got to see the ginormous radiation machine that I laid under every day, and sat in on my last evaluation with the doc.  I have full permission to enjoy our "thank God it's over trip" in Mexico in two weeks, as long as I wear a t-shirt in the sun.  While I am scheduled to see Dr. Brackman again in six weeks, it's just an office visit, to see how I'm feeling.  Sounds good.

Nick kept pressing the doctor to give us "symptoms" to watch out for in the coming weeks, months and years.  The doctor really couldn't give us anything definitive, which made Nick a bit crazy.  So finally, the doctor said, if you have a new symptom that you cannot identify it's source, give it three days and then call me.  If it's something major like dragging your leg behind you, call me the same day.  Comforting?  I'm not so sure.

I brought flowers for my technicians, my nurse, Lupe who also finished treatment today, the front desk gal and even the valet woman who's been surprisingly one of my biggest cheerleaders, her name is Sylvia.  It's been pretty humbling the women I've met through this journey.  From the gals I've been seeing every day in the treatment waiting rooms, to women I meet at the grocery stores.  First a shout out to the cute blond I saw daily getting treatment for ovarian cancer. She had to stand on hands and knees on the table that I got to lie on, while they attached cords from inside her private areas into the radiation machine.  Really?  Is there no dignity?  You would not believe what some people have to endure through their treatment.  I hope hers is over soon.

Then there are the grocery store angels.  One I met at AJ's.  I was with Fisher and saw this older woman kind of stalking me.  I knew right then that she also was going through cancer treatment and wanted to talk to me.  I see people like this every day.  We kind of have homing devices.  So- at check out, she asked me if I'm going through treatment and said she is too.  She gives me a big hug and a metal angel coin to keep in my pocket.  Her name was Bonnie.

Just yesterday, I was checking out of Trader Joe's with all the shades of pink gerber daisies that I was bringing as gifts to radiation today, and a woman commented "aren't those the most beautiful flowers!  What are you doing with them?"  I answer that I am giving them to my radiation nurses to celebrate the end of my treatment.  She stopped, hugged me, blessed me and asked about my family and how we are all doing.  She said she would pray for me and keep me in her heart.  Her name was Paula.

And tomorrow, my MOM arrives first thing in the morning.  Let the weekend of family celebration begin! Four of my favorite things:  family, birthday, ending treatment and Halloween, all at once!  I'd better get to bed to prepare for all the fun ahead.  I'm feeling truly happy, loved and almost peaceful.

with love


  1. Kristin - You simply amaze me. I've been following your progress, praying daily for you and your family and sending superwoman thoughts your way. As I write this I am smiling ear to ear (with a happy tear in my eye!) to know that you are done with treatment and on to the next chapter of your life. Your strength, humor and candor is inspiring. I am so proud to know you and will continue to send you blessings and love. Have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a wonderful celebration with your sweet family! And I believe a tequila shot is indeed in order on your "thank GOD it's over trip!"

    Much love,


    I know you'll have a lot to celebrate as you've walked this long journey.

    I thought of you because you & Tom's birthdays are a day a part. I hope this next year is filled with joy, love & promise for you & your family.

    You've shouldered the world & you walk as a role model for many today & in the future.

    Happy Birthday Amazing Girl! :)

    Love Tom & Lisa

    PS You're always in our thoughts!

  3. Woohoo! Over! Done with! Gone! So super proud of you my dear friend. You have moved through this life experience with grace, humor, strength and tremendous courage and we are all so proud of you! You have touched so many people through your journey and now it's time to start a new chapter of this book sister! Happy, happy birthday! Love you!

  4. Congratulations Kristin and Happy, Happy Birthday !!!! You deserve a lovely trip with Nick and healthy, happy year ahead. Your courage and perserverance were so wonderful to be a part of...thank you for sharing with us all! Lots of love to you - Nan

  5. virginia (Nick's Mom)October 28, 2010 at 7:08 PM

    Kristin, so many milestones all at once!!! Happy, happy birthday, dear one! May your celebration go on and on. What a birthday to remember, with your treatment finally behind you! You have inspired us all, and we have loved walking your walk with you. Love and you-know-how-many birthday hugs!!! V.

  6. Happy happy tears tonight. We wish you the happiest of birthdays, sweet friend. What an honor it is to be 40, right??? You've changed my outlook on getting older. I'm sure yours has changed too. Bring on the next birthday, and the next. Love you. So happy for you, and yet still praying for you always. xo McQ's

  7. Congratulations, Kristin!! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate - Family, Birthday cake, and Mexico. Cheers!

    With love - the Blanchards

  8. Wishing you the most wonderful family celebration turning 40! You have been an inspiration to everyone and I think this will be a great new beginning for you and your family! Enjoy, celebrate and toast to you! Love Madalyn

  9. Happy 49th Birthday Dear Kristin, you have made it with style and grace. May God bless you and your family as to get back to living a new normal life:) Keep writing and posting pictures and being a cheer leader for those special friends you have made that need a dose of your bodaucious attitude, hugs, Deborah McLen