Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simulation Let Down

I am more than happy to report that my children have backed off and have not driven me completely over the edge since Sunday's ugly debacle.  Last night I had a great grown-up night at home with my girlfriends.  Andrea brought over food from yummy Postino's (a gift from the Davy's on the East Coast- you guys rock!) and neighbor Amy joined us with a very good bottle of campaign.  We gabbed like crazy, ate and drank while trying to ignore our kids while they knocked each other senseless with my hot pink Everlast boxing gloves.  Nick came home from work to the big girls partying in the kitchen and kids everywhere.  He's a good sport and loves the girls, so he joined us.  A very fun night, indeed.

Jenny-Jane has generously shared her nasty cold with me which has settled in my chest, but I'm doing fine.  I'm glad this came on after chemo (and surgery for that matter) are officially over.  I can't imagine a hacking cough right after that chest surgery- yikes!

Today I had my radiation simulation, but it was truly anticlimactic.  I was there for less than an hour, laid in some kind of imaging machine, which I'm not even sure it was the radiation machine, while the doctor and technicians worked around me.  I know they taped some wires to my chest and looked at my insides on some kind of computer in the next room.  That's it?  Well, I guess now my super smart doctor does his calculating magic over the next few days to determine my radiation ray angles.  I then have to go in sometime next week for what they are calling a "practice" to make sure his calculations are correct.  Then I finally start actual radiation.  Looks like it won't start now until the week of September 13th.  This bums be out because it means I won't finish radiation until right before my bday the end of October.  I'll be burned for my birthday, sucky!

Oh, and those tattoos I was promised?  I can barely see them, and they were only a pin prick.  I received just three: one in the middle of my chest and one on each side of my rib cage.  I learned that they are not to show the technicians where to shoot the radiation, but instead to position me correctly on my back in the machine each day I come in for radiation.  Whatever, they are totally no big deal.  

Tomorrow it's haircuts for the kids and a visit from Fisher's pre-school teacher for the new school year.  Hi Teacher Clare!!  I have a pretty interesting meeting planned for Friday and I'm excited and nervous for it.  I'm meeting another young mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she's been reading my blog.  I'm really hoping that I'm able to offer her hope and advise, and not just scare her with my big bald head.  More on that after Friday.   I'm off to eat a pound of cookies mysteriously delivered today from my sweet friend and former co-worker Valerie (thank you!!).

I send my love to all near and far,


  1. Hello doll!

    So sorry you have a little girls have it too and I anticipate that I will be joining the fun shortly :( I guess with back to school in my house, it tis the season.

    With every posting, I feel such a sense of love and relief knowing you are blessed with so many friends and family surrounding you...I am so grateful to all of the wonderful ppl. who love you and show you their love.

    I just know you are going to bring great peace to the young woman who was recently are wise, and funny and have an amazing and honest outlook. It will be such a blessing for the two of you to spend time together.

    FYI, Massage Envy is doing a cool donation day on Sept 14 with a portion of proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen organization. Something you might want to check out friend.
    Sending you hugs and kisses and tons of love,

  2. virginia (Nick's Mom)September 3, 2010 at 5:41 AM

    K -- let's hope the radiation itself is as much of a non-event as the prep has been. And -- you've got it right -- Cookies Are The Best Medicine. XOXOXO V