Monday, September 20, 2010

The Others

I'm happy to report that radiation therapy is moving along smoothly. I've been warned that I might start seeing and feeling some burns under my right arm later this week, but for now it feels fine.  I have even been trying to spruce up the waiting area right outside the radiation room.  Every day I am admitted into the back part of the doctor's office where I change into one of those nasty-ugly way WAY oversized blue patterned hospital gowns, and then I have to wait for a few minutes in this tiny waiting area to be called into radiation.  On the wall in this room is a selection of about six of the blandest, mind numbing, outdated magazines...Country Home, National Geographic, ugg.  So I've been collecting mags from my girlfriends and have been quietly switching them out.  Now we have Oprah, Bon Appetite, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Real Simple and the like.  I mean really, why not make this six and a half weeks of drudgery a little more interesting for everyone?  The nurses say "I'm really shaking things up around here".  I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I want to write a bit about the other people in my life who are also going through cancer treatment.  Man, there are a lot of us.  Pat, Wimberly, Krista, Gabbee, Mary, Carter, Kevin, Peg, and Stacey to name a few.  Not everyone is as public about their journeys as I am, but their stories are as equally important.  My new friend Gabbee had her double mastectomies this past Friday.  Pat has her major surgery this Friday.  Wimberly is just about to start her Taxol chemotherapy.  Mary is on the same schedule as me, slowly counting down the days of radiation. Krista is my survivor and has her two year check-up this week. Peg is good naturedly fighting her second round of cancer.  Stacey is successfully beating the cancer that spread to her brain.  Kevin is fighting another form of brain cancer, as is Carter.  As I write this, I can't help but feel physically sick from the anguish.  Why seems like such an obvious question, but I can't help it.  WHY??  

So please, if or when you say your prayers, include these wonderful people.  We've all been blindsided with this disease and welcome all the help we can get.  

And I want to say thank you to everyone who has committed to donate and/or participate in the Komen Walk here in Phoenix.  A quick check of our team shows that we have 116 people registered and have raised over $4,100.  That's nuts, I swear I checked it less than thirty minutes ago and we were at 109 people and $3,800! Again, the last day for team registration is tomorrow, Tuesday September 21st.  Individual registration is ongoing.  Click here to register for the "Oh Pat and Kiki" team.  We are going to have a really big and fun team walking with Pat and I on October 10th. Truly, thank you, everyone.


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  1. Thank you goodness you are making changes in the dreary room! New magazines are lovely! I am not surprised at all that the nurses are stating that you are shaking things up! I wouldn't be surprised it you came toting some beautiful new paint color and fabric swatches! (Wish you would head up north a bit to my little home to make some changes here too....I need things to be shaken up...I'm just sayin!)

    I will be in thoughtful prayer and have added Pat, Wimberly, Krista, Gabbee, Mary, Carter, Kevin, Peg, and Stacey to my prayer list my friend. Smooch!