Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Posse

Catherine, Conner and Hayden "Kicking It" in London
I've blogged about these gals before, but it's been awhile and I cannot say enough about them.  I'm talking about my posse of girlfriends through North Central Parenting Group.  There are about sixteen of us who have been together for nearly five years wading our way through motherhood.  We meet formally twice a month in a classroom setting to learn the practical information of developmental milestones and behavior correction techniques, but it's outside the classroom where our bonds have really solidified.  These are the girls who are endlessly bringing our family dinners and nudging me out of the house for laugh-athon girls dinners (like tonight).  You should see the emails that fly among us.  Someone needs a dog sitter?  Another will offer to take that dog camping with them for the weekend.  Someone having a baby?  Their meals are delivered before the baby is.  Someone knows of a spa deal?  You've got an instant gaggle starting their SUV's to meet you for a pedicure.  It's amazing.

These ladies have stood by my side from day one of my diagnosis, and six months later, they haven't faltered.  The list of things they have done for me is endless.  But sometimes, it's the silliest things that make the biggest impact, like the day Ashley left HUGE packages of paper towel and toilet paper on my front doorstep on her return home from Costco.  Who knew I'd be all gaga over toilet paper? But I really am. These wonderful women are always there for me, in any capacity, and I am so grateful.  

Several months ago, they even designed a special logo and t-shirt for me.  I love seeing my friends in their Kick it Kiki t-shirts all over town.  They even send me photos of themselves wearing them.  The photo above is the supermodel Catherine and her kids Connor and Hayden in their new home of London England.  I've gone international!

So please gals, accept this shout out for everything you do for my family.  We are beyond thankful for your friendship and support.  I feel incredibly blessed.

With love


  1. Kristin
    Your humor and zest for life is infectious. We are truly blessed to have all found each other in this crazy underworld we call motherhood. I thank my lucky stars everyday to call each and everyone of you my friends.

    PS if you have any extra TP, I could use a few rolls here. HA HA

  2. Hi Kristin, I check your blog everyday just to see the wonderful progress that you are making and the way you are helping others going through what you are going through. We here in the Poconos continue to pray for your healing. WOW six are making it down the home stretch of that football field! Keep writing and keep making progress...blessings, Deborah McLean

  3. Kristen,
    Ok, think back a bit... this is Jackie Baird from Kappa. I learned of yours and Pat's fight from Pat this week and wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you. Your blog is amazing - what a gift you have! I'll be at the walk on the 10th and look forward to seeing you there. I hope you have continued good luck with your radiation therapy.