Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jenny-Jane = 2!

Jenny-Jane's special day with Aunt Diane and Mr. Steve
I'm officially four days (of thirty three, sigh) into radiation, and still so far so good.  No skin irritation or burns yet, and I do mean, yet.  Today's treatment was the fastest to date, and it's expected to continue this way.  No more x-rays to ensure that the lasers are coming in from the right angles.  The technicians seem to have it all dialed in now, so it's just point and shoot.  I receive three blasts of radiation each morning.  The huge machine rotates around my body while I lay very still on a table.  Each time, the machine makes a long buzzing sound, so it's weird to think of the radiation going into my body and burning out cells while I lay there.  Sometimes I actually imagine it hurts, but it really doesn't.  I kind of feel like a captive on an alien space ship with this super smart machine doing strange things to my body. Yeah, it's all as weird as it sounds.  

But enough about me, today was Jenny-Jane's second birthday!  She was in a great mood all day so we really had a blast.  The day started with balloons, cards and gifts, and ended the same way.  In-between she and I had a girls' outing to Nordstrom (where else?) where she received her big gift from Nick and me, a pair of super sparkly trendy shoes that she adores.  Then it was lunch with the whole family at the Biltmore.  Aunt Diane and Mr. Steve came over after dinner for presents and pink bday cake.  We sang Happy Birthday to her every chance we got, and each time she would sing along and then say "Me?" (in her tiny girly voice) when we said her name.  And she loved blowing out the candles.  Waaayyy too cute.  I think she really had a special day.  Perfect.

Oh, and I'm supposed to remind you that team registration for the Komen walk on 10/10/2010 here in Phoenix ends on September 21st.  After that, you can still register, but it will not count toward our team.  Currently, we have over 70 people registered, how cool is that?  Either way, we hope you can join us Sunday morning for the walk, and hopefully Saturday night too.  We have reserved a bar area at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale from 6-8pm.  Click here to register with our team. Once on the site, click "Register here" and "agree" to the terms, and click "join a team" and then find team "Oh Pat and Kiki".  Yikes, that sounds confusing and I know what I'm talking about!

We have plans to see lots of friends this weekend, and I'm looking forward to feeling good for all of it.  I know that radiation will soon make me tired and burned, but in the meantime, I'm really enjoying a chance to feel a bit more like myself.

With love,

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