Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Weekend

Nick, Dyan, Wendy, Kristin, Emma, Fisher & Jenny-Jane- Out to Dinner
Wendy and Nick- Silly Siblings
Kristin, Jenny-Jane and Emma- Sticker Crazy
Dylan, Emma & Fisher- Tower of Cousins
Jenny-Jane and Emma- Swimming Cuties
Dylan and Fisher- Water Shooter Kings
Ben, Fisher, Emma w/Felix, Jenny-Jane & Ryan- Movie Time
Nick, Fisher, Dylan, Troy & Emma- Diamondbacks Game

Ok, I admit, the photos are a bit excessive, but I couldn't help myself.  Can you believe the constant fun that was had this past weekend around here?  Most of our time was spent in the pool and the hot tub. It's amazing how much fun kids can have swimming. A few rafts, a diving board, water squirters, goggles, diving toys and sunscreen were all that was needed. The dryer was on continuously keeping towels dry and at the ready. Every lunch was family style on the back patio table and I just loved watching our little ones devour hot dogs and fruit after a wild morning swimming. It kind of gave me a glimpse of what having a couple more kids would be like. No, that's not an option for us anymore due to the chemotherapy, but cousins are a great substitute.

We did have a few outings too. First was Oreganos pizzeria for dinner one night where we all fit in a big booth and laughed like crazy as Jenny-Jane covered herself and Emma with stickers, Fisher asked the waitress three times what her name was (Sarah) and Dylan scorched his mouth on "medium hot" hot wings. Saturday the grown ups had a night out at Nick's and my all time favorite spot in the whole city, Pizzeria Bianco. The owners and staff treat us like royalty, especially now that I am bald. Hey, there are a few benefits to this whole cancer thing. Wendy presented us with gifts of handpicked lucite-bound 4-leaf clovers and a plastic jellyfish that Nick immediately plopped in his beer to scare the stone faced waitress.

Sunday eve the Carlo family joined us for yet more swimming and Nick's "fall-off-the-bone" ribs. Adding two more kids to the mix was a hoot. Hmmm... Now I'm thinking we could adopt four more, tee hee. While the kids watched movies late into the night, we six parents drank beers (me too!) and attempted to teach our guests the dominoes game Mexican Train. There is a slight concern that Wendy has a learning disability, who knew? On Monday, the Dads took the kids to a Diamondbacks baseball game where they all claimed to have the time of their lives.

Tuesday we said goodbye to the Livingston family and our house seemed sadly empty. Fisher sobbed and sobbed for "Dylan-Emma" Tuesday night when he realized that Dylan was no longer on the Aero bed on the floor of his room, and Emma was not tucked in next to him. I kind of felt like sobbing too. We have wonderful memories and photos of their visit and great motivation to get the gang together again soon.

Ok, back to real life of chemo recovery for me and work for Nick. As always, I'll continue filling you in on our little world.
With love,


  1. Love, love, love the pictures! You can NEVER post too many doll! Is it me or does Dylan look a lot like Nick? It's good that you loved Wendy through her learning disability/beer drinking session...hope she figured our Mexican Train and if not, she and I can hang, drink and watch you goofs. :) Wish I had been there to see the waitress/jellyfish incident..I miss all the fun! You are deeply loved my dear friend. Smooches!

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  3. virginia (Nick's Mom)August 8, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    I love, love, love these pictures!!! I'm so proud of you all, and thrilled that the cousins had such fun together. XOXOX

  4. Hi Kristin, just checking in to let you know that I am praying for you and your glad you can all be together. Hugs, Deborah (Virginia's friend in the Poconos)

  5. That was such an awesome visit K and you wrote it up perfectly. Remedial Mexican Train workshops are planned for the weekend. Love you, T.