Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Piece of Peace

As you might imagine, the paperwork and financial responsibilities that go along with cancer treatment are pretty overwhelming. Nick and I really didn't have the mental or emotional capacity to dive into the bills until a couple weeks ago. I kept them organized, of course, Explanations of Benefits from the insurance company in one folder, and the actual bills from hospitals and doctors in another. Every day more would arrive in the mail, and I'd put them in the correct folders. I'd look at them, but always thought "this stuff needs serious attention, I'll work on them on my good weeks". But I never did. It was scary stuff, especially when I'd see hospital bills that read $39,740. Thank God our health insurance is good and our payment portion on a bill like that was under $1,000.

So when I told Nick I finally needed to tackle the bills, he brilliantly said in his very entrepreneurial way, "let's hire someone to help us". A definite "ah, ha" moment. So we called upon Nick's business accountant Judy who has been working for us for over ten years. She met me at the house this week, and I timidly laid out my folders of bills and insurance explanations, expecting her to run for the hills. This lovely and patient woman sat with me for an hour and a half taking copious notes about all my doctors, surgeries and procedures. She gathered all my papers and stacked them on her side of the table. They were not on my plate anymore. She explained how she will make all the phone calls to providers to ensure accuracy of the bills, double check all the insurance payments, make spread sheets of what needs to be paid and even try to negotiate lower fees from my doctors. Everything I wanted to do myself, but was too overwhelmed and too frazzled to undertake.

Before Judy left our house, she said there was one thing she would not do. She would not except payment for her services. She explained how Nick had been so good to her for so many years and this was one small way to say thank you to him and our family. I am still overcome by her generosity as I write this now. I wrote in my last post how I was looking for some peace from the fears of this disease, and just days later, I am handed this incredible gift of peace from the worry of financial disorganization. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders as we are confident that our bills are in order and we will be paying only what is rightly due.

Thank you Judy, for this gift of peace. With all my heart, I truly believe in the mantra "Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive". The Ask part is the hardest, but it's been proven to me time and time again that it works. Try it for yourself and let me know if you receive a few of your own mini-miracles.

With love


  1. Ever since I learned of your diagnosis, I have been searching for a way that I could help and have asked Nick numerous times (he would just look at me, say thanks and tell me he'd let me know) if there was anything I could do. A few weeks ago he asked me if I would help with the medical bill organization and at first, I was terrified. What if I screwed up? What if I don't know what I'm doing? What if, what if. Then I realized that this was exactly what I was asking for-a way to move some of the burden off your shoulders. I am a realist (Virgo to the core!), but I might take you up on the Mantra challenge!

  2. I love this one and believe in it 100%! Ask away Kristin - everyone wants to help if they can. Keep the peace sister - so good for you to have it!!!

  3. Wow. That got me teary. What a massive, selfless gift of her time. God has truly blessed you with amazing people in your life, Kristin. xo

  4. Thank goodness you are married to such a brilliant man! Way to go my dear friend Nick--hiring someone was the perfect solution. What a wonderful gift from Judy too...she is such a blessing to your family! Keeping you in my prayers every single day sweet K. Hugs & love to you and yours. Miss you and need a fix to see you soon!

  5. WOW x's 2...we have all been praying for peace for you and here it is. Praises to Nick for seeing the need and having the power to act:) That was probably the 'hairy buffalo' in the middle of the room:) that needed actions...prayer warriors will be so do you all stay cool in this heat? It is 98 degree's in the valleys of the mountains! Sending blessings and hugs, Deborah