Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Down, Only Three To Go!

Yay Taxol!! I'm so happy to report that my new chemotherapy drug that I received yesterday is significantly easier to tolerate than my last four nasty cocktails. No chemo hangover today!! I was at my oncologists office for what seemed like forever because of all the extra drugs they gave me to counteract any possible allergic reactions to the new medicine, but I think it worked so I can't complain. I was able to eat a big dinner and even dessert last night and my appetite is still strong today. I'm noticing some weird sensations in my palms and my cheeks were pretty rosy today, but my nurse Lyndsay said that's all normal when I saw her today for my white blood cell boosting shot. I might see more symptoms over the next week or so like foot and finger pain and/or numbness called neuropathy, my finger nails may turn darker and I may experience a bit more bone pain as my bone marrow tries to make more blood cells. I know that all sounds pretty loco, but really, in the scheme of things, it's not bad at all. Being able to feel well enough to spend quality time with Nick and the kids is a great blessing, especially when I'm supposedly in the thick of it here. Only three more chemos to go before radiation! I chatted with my big brother Mike in Germantown, Wisconsin from the chemo chair yesterday and he said, "Wow, this is going really fast!". Not from my seat, these past 2.5 months have felt like an eternity.

Tomorrow I'm back to my plastic surgeon for my 3rd expander "fill" and Friday I see my acupuncturist. I'm kind of getting into a groove here. I'm desperately looking forward to being done with everything, meaning chemo and radiation, by mid October, and joining the real world again of focusing on mothering and wifing (is that a word?). I'll still have many doctor visits and then my implant surgery in fall of 2010, but that stuff seems pretty minor. I'm doing this, I'm getting through it and I'm pretty darn proud of myself, and Nick too. Who knew we had this kind of strength? I now need to dream up our next big adventure... Something without needles this time.

Sending love,


  1. So glad to hear you're hanging in there. Just looked at the pic from the fourth.. I think it's safe to say that I have theeee cutest cousins ever! Stay tough.. Sending the Hower's lots of love.

  2. Glad the end of chemo is near. Hang tough. You will get through this. Glad to hear that you are proud of yourself. You should be!

  3. Let's hear it for Taxol! So glad to read that you don't have a chemo hangover! Hip, hip, hooray! Feeling well and as normal as possible is such a good thing doll. I hope the expander process is not too uncomfortable or painful...for the record, I am super proud of you and Nick too! You are both inspiring! Hugs & love to you!