Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey Ladies!


In addition to Nick's wild boy band that was visiting this weekend, I had my own girl team on board. That's Marcy, the lovely brunette, who came to visit from San Francisco with her sweet baby girl Lucy (being held by Rebecca's daughter Ryan). Marcy joined me for chemo yesterday and then all the gals came over last night to keep me company while I'm still feeling pretty good. I love having my best friends and their kids in my house, all the laughing and silliness feels so very normal. Oh, and note that my "hair," the 1/8" inch that I still have left, is pretty blonde. I'm not sure if that's an indication of what's coming, or just the precursor to the black curly afro that I'm anticipating (yikes!! you never know what you're gonna get).
Yesterday's Taxol infusion was pretty uneventful. It went quicker than last time, which was good. Marcy brought some hysterical college photo albums which made the time speed by. I was able to eat lunch after and even take a nap. Nanny Judy works ten hour days for us on my chemo weeks which is such a blessing. I'm able to go to my doctor appointments In the mornings, rest when I need to and play with the kids when I'm feeling energetic. If my symptoms follow my last Taxol infusion, I can expect to start feeling yucky tomorrow afternoon, although I'm starting to feel kind of groggy now already. I'm praying that I am spared the fever from last time and just have the bone pain to manage this time around. If all goes well, then I only have two more Taxol treatments before radiation, yay!

Tomorrow I have another expander fill in the morning. I'm definitely gaining some shape which is cool. I actually wore a new bathing suit this weekend while the boys were here and had a somewhat feminine shape. Just wait until I have my implants in fall of 2011, va-va-voom! I can't wait to wear the tank top from my friend Andi that says "Of course these are fake, my real ones were trying to kill me!"

A quick shout out to nick's sister Wendy whose birthday is today, and a great big thank you to Marcy for for traveling to hellish hot Phoenix to visit and take me to chemo this week. I am so very grateful for the amazing women in my life. Thank you ladies, I love you so.


  1. Hi Kristin~
    I'm so happy I had a chance meeting with you today! You look beautiful and have such amazing spirit, courage and drive. I love the website. Please call on me as a resource for anything!

  2. Hi - I can't believe how grown up Miss Ryan is!!! :) a

  3. Ok, for the record, I probably have a curly, black afro! I really have no idea what my really hair looks like...every six to eight weeks, I go in for a major color and cut...I'm just sayin' :) xoxo

  4. Hello my darling friend,

    I just wanted you to know that Mamaw (my mother's mom) requests that I read her your blog. She laughs and cries as I read her blog after blog. I am afraid we let too much time pass between our readings so we had plenty to catch up on this a.m. I of course, read each new post immediately but I was remiss in reading to Mamaw for a while. Anyway, she asked me to let you know that she is praying for you and holding a good thought. She retiterates every time that I read that you have a book here...she adores you as much as I do.
    Hugs & kisses.