Friday, July 16, 2010

Hail Hail The Gangs All Here


You would not believe what's going around here, it's incredible!! About 10am this morning the most handsome work crew you could ever imagine arrived on my doorstep. That's Nick on the left, then Tough as Nails (but sweeter than pie) Darren from way north Phoenix , Big Pete from New Jersey, and Fireman Curt from Hermosa Beach on the right. They descended on our home and they have not stopped working for a moment. The front and back lawns have been aerated, the roof has been cleaned, and everything in Pete's sight has been power washed. These are three of Nick's very, very best friends from UofA and they hatched this plan to travel from near and far to make right everything that might be wrong with our home. When their offer came in, Nick immediately started making lists of all the things they were going to accomplish together this weekend. They've only been here three hours and I think they've ticked off most of the list. As you can imagine, Fisher is in hog heaven. He stole the power washer from Pete and has been spraying the dickens out of our front driveway.

And that's not all, one of my bestest girlfriends Marcy arrives today from San Francisco! She's here to lift my spirits and attend my next chemo with me on Monday. Speaking of which, we decided with my oncologist to go ahead with the dose dense (heavy duty) Taxol infusion. I'm armed with a new prescription for Vicodin and I'm not afraid to use it.

I feel like a damsel with all my handsome knights circling the castle and I could not be happier.



  1. Hey damsel in distress, these photos I want to see...they may be starting a whole new business...God bless them, what a precious gift of time and love for their buddy Nick:) Keep fighting and the prayers are still coming from here in the poconos! hugs and hope, Deborah

  2. Wow what a great looking group of men to work around the a whole new meaning to "its so nice to some men around the house:)" wonderful that Nick could have all that 'guy' kind of help to keep your 'home sweet home' under control...praying for your infusion week and that the vicodin does the trick, blessings and hugs, Deborah in the Poconos

  3. ok sista-I dont want to cause extra medical assistance when you see im actually on your website!!! You actually have an eighth inch of hair!! lets plan your next highlight appt.!!! I want you to take great care of yourself and let me know when you may feel up to some company-I'd lve to see you!!!

    Love ya