Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cousins!

Dylan, Fisher, Emma and Jenny-Jane

What a joy it is to have a houseful of family!  

The Livingstons arrived this afternoon and the cousins are basking in each other's company.  After a initial dance party, Fisher and Jenny-Jane's formal way to welcome guests into our home, the kids immediately fell into what I expect to be a weekend long pairing, Fisher playing with Dylan and Emma loving on Jenny-Jane.  

The kids and Nick jumped in the pool for an hour of wild fun, dogs and all, and we had a very full table on the back patio for dinner.  Currently they are lined up on the couch in the living room enjoying The Fantastic Mr. Fox, eating ice cream sandwiches, and trying to stay awake. It's moments like this that I pine to live closer to our loved ones, and wonder why we chose to live clear across the country from our families. 

It's also so very wonderful to have Wendy back with us.  She doesn't miss a beat emptying the dishwasher or putting dinner in the oven.  Wendy's husband Troy joins us on Saturday from his conference here in Phoenix.  Then we'll have a houseful.  So fun.

I'm still feeling amazingly well.  Aside from an afternoon nap, I'm able to keep up with all the festivities.  I even had my first (in three months- come on, you know me) half glass of wine tonight.  We don't have big weekend plans, just lots of time in the pool and planning the next meal. Sounds perfect.  I'll regale you with all the stories of cousin craziness later this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to enjoying every moment of our Livingston/Hower weekend.  Everyone is so happy to be together, the house is filled with love.  Thank you lovely Livingstons, we are overjoyed you traveled so far to be with us.

More to come, of course.


  1. virginia (Nick's Mom)July 30, 2010 at 6:58 AM

    Gosh what adorable kids! :)
    I miss you all but am so happy that you are all together! Love and hugs to everyone....And, Kristin, stay well and don't overdo! XOXOXO

  2. Wow what beautiful children! Everyone on the bed for photo's is the best:)...these are the beautiful moments in life that only a quick photo can capture the fun everyone is having...enjoy the bliss, keep taking lots of photo's (they make good Christmas cards:), hugs, Deborah

  3. I have come to know you (informally) through Mimi Bulls facebook link. I think you are an amazing woman, full of wit, honesty, strentgh, humor, and perseverance (just to name a few). As a mom of three young kids, I can't even begin to imagine going through the treatments and still having to function as a mom. It is so awesome that you have such a network of support. Thank you for being so candid in your blogs. Since you've allowed coffee and wine back into your body, you might want to try some weed...I heard that is great for side affects for chemo. :)Gina

  4. proof reading is a must otherwise you might end up spelling *strength* wrong.

  5. What a bunch of cutie pie cousins!! I wish I could raise a glass and share in your happy day. Glad to hear you are feeling well, Kristin! Thinking of you. With love from cousin Julie D.