Monday, July 5, 2010

Best 4th Ever


Happy Monday evening! It's the eve of my 5th (of eight) chemotherapy infusions and my nerves are starting to fray. I'm optimistic about my new drug, Taxol, as I keep hearing from people who've been there that it is much easier to tolerate than my previous drugs. It's just hard going back to chemo after such an amazing long weekend. I really have been feeling great these past few days, and I know that walking into my oncologist's office means that I'm setting myself up for another week of not feeling like myself. Aargh. Tonight I've been prescribed to take a wild combination of drugs to offset any possible allergic reactions I may have to the Taxol. Here's what I have to take: 5 (yes, 5!) steroid pills, an extra strength Zantac and two Benedryl. I don't really understand what this whacko combo does, but I'm a tad freaked out about the steroid pills. I'm not worried that I'm going to grow a beard or anything, but I know these pills mess with my sleep. I know this because I've had to take them before and I accidentally took too many (oops!) and those were the nights I was blogging around 3am because I could not sleep. And that was only on 1-2 of those pills, but 5? Oh man. I'll let you know how it goes.

Back to the fab weekend. We had lots of family time with the kiddos which included seeing Toy Story 3 (which is wonderful by the way), lots of time in the pool, out to a dinner and a lunch, an at home date Saturday night with Nick where we watched Footloose (I'm not kidding), plus we hosted a 4th of July party on Sunday. See? I told you I was feeling good. Our party on Sunday was just perfect. We ended up with about a dozen friends and their kids swimming, eating bratts and then the highlight- watching fireworks from our front yard. We live right across the street from Phoenix Country Club, which does a big fireworks show, and we have a perfect view. Up until the show began, all the kids were running and playing wildly around the yard in anticipation. Fisher asked at least twenty times, "are they starting yet Mom?" I so love that "waiting for the fireworks to start" feeling.

Sitting on homemade quilts, I had Jenny-Jane on my lap, Fisher by my side, and Nick next to him. I relished every bit of excitement in the air and every shriek of happiness that came from their mouths when the colorful explosions finally started. We realized that it was the first year Fisher was able to stay up late enough to watch the fireworks and he loved every second. Jenny-Jane was so tired, but she was a huge trooper and watched through the grand finale. Everyone carried their over tired kids to their cars with smiles on their faces, grown-ups and babes alike.

I have vivid memories of my own childhood with my best friend Jenny and our parents doing the exact same thing. Sitting on quilts, waiting what seemed like forever for it to get dark enough for the show to start, and then oohing and aaahing at every beautiful explosion in the sky. These kinds of special experiences are like asterisks in the story of my life. I never want to forget the joy of fireworks, both as a child and now as a parent.

Just the thought of the fun from last night is sending me to bed with a smile on my face. I'm signing off to go take my handful of pills. If I'm up tonight I may do some more writing, let's hope not. My oncologist suggested I could tie some flies for Nick during my steroid induced insomnia, he thinks he's pretty funny.

With love to everyone near and far,

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  1. It's Tuesday and I am hoping your chemo session is fast and easy this time around. You have been on my mind...more than ever this past week. Here were the random moments:
    I had a tummy flu for three days & I was thinking what YOU have gone through recently. So yucky...I'm so sorry sweetie. I know that for all of the yuck, it means you are fighting this battle and will be 100% well soon.

    I watched the very sophisticated film, The Hangover, for the first time. I know you have mentioned it so I thought I had to see it! Made me laugh out loud.

    We went to our cabin for the weekend. As we do every year, on the night of the 4th, we parked our truck at the top of the Prescott Resort mountain overlooking the city with the perfect view of the fireworks, filled the bed of the truck with blankets and quilts & enjoyed a picnic dinner, played cards and visited as we waited for the fireworks! Not sure what made me think of you but I did...I wondered what you and your family were doing so I especially LOVED LOVED LOVED being able to come back to Phx to find your experiences online!

    I used the word "DREAMY" describing something to someone and you popped into my mind. You have always used "Dreamy" to describe something fabulous...thinking about you daily. Love you sweetie!