Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost Normal

Happy Sunday Evening!
Has it really been since last Monday that I have written? Yikes, sorry about that. I guess I haven't had too much to report, which in general, is pretty darn good. My week after Monday's Taxol treatment was surprisingly mild. Yes, I did get a low fever and my doctor did put me back on antibiotics, and fatigue was in full force, but my bone pain was a fraction of the intensity it was after my first treatment. I spent my days resting and my evenings with the family. I didn't miss a meal and was able to help put the kids to bed every night, two things that are high priorities to me. All very normal, which is all very cool.

I am having one new weird side effect, chemopause. You heard me. Chemotherapy shuts down the ovaries of gals who have yet to have menopause, creating chemically-induced menopause. So, while not having periods during all this is a bonus, I am having intense hot flashes just on my bald head. I know, if being bald weren't bad enough. The hot flashes hit randomly and make me panic for a minute thinking my fever is raging, but then I remember fevers give me chills, not incinerate me. Really? This is all too much.

This weekend, I discovered an interesting phenomenon. Coffee!! Ok, I'm no coffee virgin, but like with alcohol, I've been avoiding caffeine since I started chemo. I just kind of thought "clean living" was the right path to take during all of this. But Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I said to hell with it and started my day like Nick, with a cup of Joe (no, not a bloody mary). Well, let me tell you, I had more energy this weekend than I've had in months. Only drawback is that when I went to take my regular afternoon snooze while the kids took their naps, I just laid there with my eyes closed trying and trying to sleep. Oh well, I'll take the boost of energy over a nap any day. Now, I'm wondering if I should reconsider the whole no alcohol thing... hmmm...

This week our family is super excited to welcome the Livingstons to our house on Thursday. This is Nick's sister Wendy, her husband Troy, and amazing 'tween kiddos Emma and Dylan. Wendy was here for my first chemo treatment and was invaluable in helping us navigate all the medical lingo as well as taking over the matriarchy of the family while I was out of commission. She knows her way around our kitchen (which sippy cups get which lids), the kids schedules (there will be absolute silence in the house during naptimes, no exceptions), how Nick likes his cocktails (shaken, not stirred), and all our "special needs" (like Jenny-Jane requires one binky in her mouth and three in her hands, basically at all times, sigh). Our little kids are going to go completely gaga over their big kid cousins and we can't wait to sit back and enjoy each other's adult company while the cousins do all the child care! (Hope, hope) Plus, Wendy gets to come to chemo #7 with me next Monday the 2nd. I think she's actually looking forward to it.

I think I only have one doctor appointment this week to have another expander fill on Tuesday (I can almost wear fitted t-shirts again!). I'm going to see a few friends, run some morning errands before it gets too hot and plan for our guests. I'm wondering if I'm easing back into my regular life. Could it be? I so don't want to eat my words, but I think we are turning a corner toward normalcy, or some new version there of. Yes, a collective sigh and smile is appropriate.



  1. So glad to hear it and fingers crossed that this a return to the new normal! xoxo - Nan

  2. HI Kristin,
    It's me, Christie, your fellow cancer warrior in Tucson. I just wanted to check on you after I got busy spending time with family recently. If I try to catch up on all your entries, my kids will revolt so I just read a few for now. I'm glad you're fighting through it. I'm nearly 12 weeks into (weekly treatments) taxol chemo + herceptin and all those premeds you mentioned. taxol hasn't been too awful but I have had some of the bone pain and you're right, it feels pretty bad occasionally. I was given meds for when the steroids make me very ill tempered late in the week. My oncologist at AZ (UMC) cancer center are supposed to decide in the next two weeks about if I'll be continuing on taxol or something else and for how many more treatments which like you, I am scared of changing from what's familiar. at least I am blessed to be getting promising test results and making progress. Know that you are not alone friend, you and your family are still in my prayers. if you ever have time or need to vent feel free to contact me.

  3. Hi Kristin, just checking in to say "happy thursday" and hope you have a wonderful time with your family & cousins nice to have those bigger cousins to play with the little ones:)...keep up the great writing and wow it is almost August and look what you have behind you!!!! You are a great warrior and prayer folks are still working for you here in the Pocono mountains:) have fun, tears and coffee with your precious family...Prayer hugs, Deborah in the mountains of pa:)