Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smores & Chocolate Cream Pie!

Hi everyone!
It's Thursday afternoon and I'm writing from our very quiet home as both kids are napping on this super-hot AZ summer afternoon. I just woke up from a two hour snooze myself and I think I'm finally coming out of my chemo fog. This treatment I had on Monday really was a doozey compared to the one I had two weeks ago. While my symptoms are so mild compared to what they could be, total fatigue is such a drag. I just never know from day to day or from treatment to treatment how I'm going to feel. This lack of control does not fit my type A personality very well!

I promise to take it easy this weekend, but we do have some great things in store. First, Nick and Fisher are taking their first father-son camping trip in cool northern AZ. They are going to have a blast. Going with them are some of Nick's best friends and their kids. I'm picturing lots of fishing, boating, campfires and smores. Oh, and maybe a few beers for the dads- call me crazy.

Back on the home front I get my very own special all girls weekend! My adoring girlfriend and bridesmaid Nancy and her girls, ages 9 and; 11, are coming down from Denver to stay with Jenny-Jane and me. Jenny-Jane is going to be in hog heaven with those two lil' mamas chasing her around, and I doubt Nancy and I will cease talking until I call uncle and pass out for naps. What a treat! Another one of those special bright spots of light and color that make this difficult journey surprisingly joyful.

My sister Diane is bringing dinner tonight, homemade chicken pot pie and chocolate cream pie. Are you kidding me? Don't tell my acupuncturist who today reviewed my meal log and immediately handed me a list of the "Top 55 Fiber Filled Foods". I just thought calories were my main goal here, she has different ideas. Damn.

Please enjoy your weekend and I'll be updating with any and all news in our world.
With love,


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for everyone!

  2. Hi Kristin, Oh just the thought of chocolate cream pie make my mouth water:) Sounds like you are all going to have fun, laughts and lots of good wonderful, calories are important and enjoy. Have a great 'girls weekend' and worry about the fiber filled foods on Monday:) sending you peaceful prayers and healing hugs, Deborah from the Poconos of pa:)

  3. Hello my dear friend!

    What a lovely weekend for you and yours! I can't wait to hear how the outdoor adventure for your two guys went and even more, how your 'all girls' weekend with pies galore went as well...ok, chicken pot and chocolate cream are 'galore' in my world. I have to reiterate that this only child would like to be adopted as your sister. I already feel like you are my sister, but then learning more about your sisters through this journey just makes me love them! I want to be part of the clan! I want lovely sisters like you and your girls...warm, loving, giving. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have sisters who can make chocolate cream pies...I'm just sayin'.
    Love you and yours. Hugs!