Friday, June 4, 2010

Moms Rule

Thank God It's Friday!
So far, today has been pretty perfect. I'm feeling good, slept almost all night for the first time in over a month, was able to play with the kids this morning and then took a long nap. Fisher is out on a play date adventure and now Jenny-Jane is resting. I may even get out of my pjs, shower and drive to Walgreens to drop off some prescriptions- I'm such a dare devil!

Did you notice something new and fantastic about my blog site? Well, thanks to the never ending generosity of my North Central Parenting Group moms (that's a bunch of them above, are they gorgeous or what?) and one uber-talented husband, Neill Fox of Foxnoggin, I have a new "logo"! They delivered to me yesterday the above photo in a gorgeous silver frame along with my new logo upon my arrival back home. I know it took many minds and hands to organize this gift, thank you girls, thank you sooo very much. It's on my bedside table to see all day long. Jenny-Jane points to each gal in the photo and says "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy". She has come to love so many of you through this. It certainly takes a village to get through surgery and chemotherapy, and I have quite an amazing village. Thank you for your "Big Love".

Speaking of mommies.... Guess What?? My Mom is coming!!!!! I know, I'm losing my mind I'm so excited. In case you did not know, my parents live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the same home where my family was raised. They have been married for 55+ years, no sh**. Sadly, in February, my Dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer from working with asbestos products his whole life, and is really sick. I know, it's crazy hard and my heart breaks because I love my Dad so very much and can't be there with him. My Mom has been desperate to come to my side, and thanks to my big brother Mike who will be able to keep my Dad company for a couple days, she will be with me for my third chemo session this Monday. In deciding when it would be best for her to come, I knew I wanted her here when I was the sickest. When I feel the worst, I just want my Mom to hold me and tell me everything is going to be ok. And now she can. I'm jumping out of my skin until she gets here Sunday.

Quick Health Update: When I left the hospital, my white blood cell count was 5200, yippee!, which is in the range of a normal person. I can eat fresh fruit and veggies all weekend (off my diet normally due to possible bacteria). My red blood cells have now taken a dip so I'm anemic, which keeps me a bit fatigued. I'll be eating steak and spinach to help get those back up. My surgery incisions are almost all healed and I should be able to do lifting, like Jenny-Jane, next week. Finally!!! The expanders in my chest are an uncomfortable constant nag, but I'm getting used to it. Still sleeping on my back due to them. I guess my biggest complaint is my hair or lack there of. I've been rubbing my head like a Buddha in the shower to get off the rest of the little dark spikes and I'm mostly left with short white hairs now, so much better than the dark. I still definitely scare myself every time I look in the mirror. I'll go more into that daunting subject at a later date. But for now, I'm feeling good, which is all I've wanted for weeks.

We are planning a quiet weekend at home, I'm sure with the kids in the pool nearly every minute. It's supposed to get to 110 degrees here in AZ over the next few days. I know, it's miserable. But I'm not. I'm home and feeling healthy and I'm with my family. I wish you the same simple pleasures and the ability to see the joy in everyday life.


  1. We love you and glad you are home! Keep gaining strength!!

  2. Oh Kristin what a wonderful picture and I thought your blog looked different I just love it! So up beat and clever:) You all look so amazing with those pink hats and your mantra spelled out:) You sound so happy to be home and with your Mom coming that is so wonderful...have a peaceful and simple weekend with your family...prayers from the Pocono's, Hugs and blessings, Deborah and the prayer warriors:)

  3. Sending you love and hope and wishes and good thoughts....

  4. Hello my dear friend!
    These are some of the things I love (not necessarily in this order):
    1) Your New Logo! It's beautiful! The scroll piece gave me a visualization of you rising up above all of this in the beautiful way you do! What an special gift!
    2) That you can eat fresh fruit and veggies again...there is nothing like a cold piece of watermelon in the summer!
    3) That your mommy is coming! I mean really, nobody can make a girl feel more loved and nurtured than her mom - yay!
    4) All of your friends and family...I don't even know all of these people but I feel like we are all reading your journal, supporting you in our own ways and are all part of this special club of people who love and adore you...I love them for loving you as I do.
    5) A good steak. Sorry that you're anemic but you just have Nick grill you an awesome steak and chow down sister! Thank you God for giving us the ability to make ourselves better through such yummy options :)
    6) Your pure honesty in sharing every step of your journey. This is such a blessing and daily gift reminding us what we should all hold as important in our lives. Thank you for this K.
    7) God, for so many reasons but because I have faith that He is healing you and giving you and all of us, so many gifts with very deep meaning along the journey of your recovery.
    8) Our husbands, our children and our dogs.
    9) You.
    10)Otterpops (the girls and I have been living on them for a week now since they got out of school...they represent summer to my children...I am thinking perhaps I should add an apple to our diet? lol)

  5. Kristin, many prayers are being lifted up for you in the good ole Poconos! Deborah McLean has stood in the gap for you and has all of us praying for you and your sweet little family. You are so encouraging and strong. Having been where you are 3 years ago, I know that is not the case each day, but Praise God, you have 2 sessions behind you and you are moving towards an end to this nightmare. May God continue to keep His arms around you and keep you safe.

  6. Hello from Portland,
    I have been reading your blog and my heart and prayers go out to you. I am so glad your Mom is there and I'm so glad you have such a strong ally in your sister and my best friend Claudia. Keep your chin up!! Laura