Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giving Thanks

Hi All!
I've been thinking about writing a post about all the amazing things our family and friends and friends of friends have been doing for us the past two months, but honestly, I'd be writing for days. Plus, I'd probably forget numerous things and then feel guilty about not including everyone, so that's not gonna fly. Guilt is not on my list of approved emotions this season (although it sneaks in without permission occasionally). Sorry, Catholic upbringing. But I do have to thank you for things like the meals that keep coming every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We have enjoyed every one, and can honestly feel the love home-cooked into every dinner. We are very, very grateful for this gift.

So many gifts have arrived on our doorstep over the past few months. So to generalize, we have received flowers, food of every kind, booze, kringles (you Wisconsin folk know what I'm talking about), restaurant gift certificates, hats, scarves, toys for the kiddos, pj's, ice cream, jewelry, bubble machines, cakes, children's books, dirty joke books, inspirational books, cook books, girls trash books, candies, t-shirts, fruit bouquets, gag gifts including a plastic chicken, hot pink Everlast boxing gloves (no kidding!), movie certificates, spa certificates, ad libs, nail polish, kick it kick bumper stickers and magnets... oh my God, the guilt is surfacing because I know I'm missing another 50+ more things! Seriously, it's been unbelievable.

Then there are the services people are providing like planning playdates for my kiddos and taking them wherever they need to go, accompanying me to appointments, texting, emailing and calling. There is no need that is left unmet. I barely have to mention needing anything and the desire is instantly filled. Truly amazing.

There was one or actually two packages that arrived last week that kind of stunned us. Two Priority Mail boxes from Pennsylvania. One for Nick and one for me. Both contained two prayer shawls. One for each member of the family, appropriately sized and colored. Jenny-Jane's is a sweet pink pastel. The accompanying letters said they were gifts from Grace St. Paul United Methodist Church, I'm assuming in PA. Now, Nick and I are NOT religious people, but something sacred and serene descended on our home that night. People we don't know, from a place we don't believe we've ever been, prayed for our family and sent us these special and holy gifts. We all slept with our shawls that night and felt the love and blessings of everyone who has been serving our family in so many, many ways.

We'd love to know who instigated these shawls, so please leave us a comment or email or note or something. And to everyone else out there, please accept our extreme gratitude for helping our family through this incredibly difficult, but surprisingly inspirational chapter in our lives.
We send our love,


  1. Dear Kristin, Nick, Fisher and Jenny-Jane, they came from my home church here in the mountains of Pa. The women have a wonderful prayer shawl ministry and they just love to send these 'blessed' shawls to families who are dealing with a 'tuff time'...they have all been praying for you and asked me if they could send your whole family shawls...so I am so glad that there was a peace covering all of you. It is that spirit that runs through all things that connects everyone and we are all glad that you could feel it and be blessed in some small measure. I will let the ladies know that you all sleep with them, they will be filled with such joy...hugs and prayers, Deborah (Virginia's friend)

  2. I am so moved by your wonderful gift from PA! You know what a cornball I can be and being your resident prayer warrior, I was moved tears of happiness when I read that you slept in your prayer shawls! I visualize that you are surrounded in His hedge of protection..I love that! Thinking of you everyday. You are loved.