Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Force Is With Us

Today started off in a pretty special way. Nick told me to get ready for a surprise breakfast at 8:15am, and wow, was it amazing. Little did I know that he had been conspiring with Matt Pool and his wife Ernie, the owners of Matt's Big Breakfast, Giant Coffee and Roosevelt Tavern. These three businesses have become keys to the redevelopment of downtown Phoenix, and since they are all in spitting distance from Nick's studio, he knows them well. Hell, you've got a diner, a coffee shop and a bar- of course Nick is in tight with them. Anyway, at 8:15am on the dot this morning, Ernie left her packed restaurant on the busiest morning of the week to hand deliver to our home a breakfast feast: waffles, pancakes, egg sandwich, egg scramble, the best pepper bacon in the city, potatoes and more that I can't remember. We ate like kings. Thank you Pool's!!! Can you deliver me a keg of beer next time?

Then Fisher started in on the Darth Vader obsession. On Friday, when we were practicing drawing people on his big sketch pad, he drew this thing that really did resemble a Star Wars character. He bluntly said, "that's Darth Vader". And so it began. He became crazed with needing a Darth Vader costume. He's never seen a Star Wars movie, he doesn't have any idea who this character is. Where did this come from?? Anyway, today Fisher and I had a date to the nearby costume shop where we found exactly what he was looking for. Hence, the photo. It was the first time Fisher and I had been out of the house together alone in almost two months. We had sooo much fun in the costume shop, although he may have nightmares from the ridiculously creepy stuff in there, but what a time we had. A drive through stop at Jack in the Box for lunch on the way back made it the perfect mom/son date. What just months earlier would have been a regular day in the life of a stay at home mom, today, was so incredibly special and memorable.

Our day ended with dinner out with the family. My first time since surgery. I was feeling good enough to go accompany the fam to a super hip new downtown spot called The Duce. It's a revitalized 1928 brick warehouse in a bad neighborhood now filled with a restaurant, bar, farmer's market, coffee shop, soda shop, clothing store etc. Plenty of room for the kids to dance and run, and for Nick and I to relax and enjoy their antics. Again, another memorable outing.

Oh, and I thought this photo of Jenny-Jane was really sweet, so I included it too. Don't want Darth to get all the attention. I'm thinking she'd look pretty cute as Princess Leia this Halloween!

Hope you are having a great weekend. Our Phoenix temps are in the 80's and we are enjoying every second of the below 100 degree weather. I'll be writing again soon. We've got so much more to say thank you for- the generosity of our friends and family (and those we haven't even met) continues to astound us.
With love


  1. Sounds like the most perfect day ever!! Your descriptions are excellent-I can visualize the whole day from the bacon to the fun family dinner! Love- Jeannine

  2. What a lovely surprise! Love you Nick for always making things special!

    K, pretty much anything involving bacon would win you over I know but what a very special morning! Just perfect!

    I think it is so funny that Fisher requested a Darth Vader costume! I wonder if one of his little friends saw the movie and shared cool Darth stories with him?! As the mother of three daughters, we haven't had Darth in the house so it is fun to live vicariously through you sister. Love, love, love the pic of Jenny-Jane! She looks like just a precious baby girl who needs me to come smooch her cheeks very soon...I'm just sayin!

    Ok, love & hugs to you my dear, beautiful friend.

  3. what a special treat!! do you remember those bacon bandaids you used to give out, wisconsin girl? we need to bring those back!!


  4. hey k... just wanted to let you know that we are quietly stalking you via this blog and in total awe of your spirit and sense of humor. your outlook and thoughts are inspirational and we are so thankful for it. keep it coming! you and your fam are having a profound effect on us. ok, enough with that stuff... i have a sweet darth vader mask with voice box and sound effect thingy with fisher's name on it. as for princess leia stuff for jenny-jane... not so much. in fact, i never took my princess leia figure out of the packaging when i was little because girls are gross. anyways, hope you're having a good night. xo - mike and kylie