Monday, June 7, 2010


This is Caroline, Kristin's Mom, here for a very short visit, just long enough to see her through her third session of chemo.
Although I miss Howie terribly, it's been so good to to be able to hug Kristin and to say "I love you," and tell her she's still our beautiful baby girl. Chemo today went very well, in spite of a slight fever last night, and she claims this is the easiest first day she's had. Obviously buttering me up in an attempt to get me back again.
We hadn't seen Nick or the children since last summer , so that's been an added bonus. Jenny-Jane is now this tiny little girl with ideas of her own, and Fisher has turned into a real charmer. He paid me the nicest compliment when I was drying him after his bath. He said I smelled like a Grandma. and when I asked what Grandmas smell like, he said "Good."
Although I haven't contributed to the blog, I follow it every day and I want to thank all of you who have supported Nick and Kristin, those who have prayed and cooked and driven and countless other acts of kindness. Special thanks to Virginia, Wendy, and Claudia for being here to be mother for me, and to Dinah who is just an angel in disguise.
We love you so much Kristin!


  1. Kristin,

    Mike and the girls have taken very good care of your dad, he is just fine. So glad your mother was able to come visit you. Now that you have kids, you finally understand the love a mother has for her child. We are all thinking of you, Kim, Kelly, Max and I keep you in our thoughts and prayers always. Your mother is so right, Diane is an angel in disguise, it's funny how life works out. Hang in there Kristin, time has a way of moving very fast, take it from an old lady. You should be very proud of yourself, you are a true tropper!

  2. virginia (Nick's Mom)June 8, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    It is so wonderful that you are able to be there with your little girl, Caroline! Thank you so much for easing her through Number Three, and for giving her the emotional strength she needs to get through these days. Love, prayers and hugs! Virginia

  3. Hi Sweet Girl,
    I have been out of commission for awhile and have just now found time to catch up on your blog. Wow, I missed so much, I cannot let that much time go by again. I must say that you are the true definition of "trooper". I am glad that it seems your good days are outweighing the bad and I think you look great without hair. You could just forego the whole wig thing altogether if you wanted. Please know that I think of you constantly and I will start the email chain to get a little girl's dinner planned sometime soon. Take care, my Friend - Wim

  4. Hello doll,

    I am SO glad your mommy was able to join you for this round of chemo and I am especially glad this time the first day was a bit easier.

    Love & hugs!